British Columbia Walks in Express Entry’s Footsteps, Cuts Dows Cut-off in Latest Provincial Draw

Much like the federally operated Express Entry Programme that has constantly been reducing the cut-off in its draws, of late, the Canadian Province of British Columbia (BC) has decreased the cut-off for its latest draw conducted on April 4, across all categories.

Aspirants in this draw were, reportedly, sent invites at lower scores, vis-à-vis the preceding non-tech draw conducted on March 21. The BCPNP sent invites to 326 skilled workers and graduates to submit an application for a provincial nomination in the said draw. In this specific round of invitations, the BC PNP proffered invitations to applicants, via its Express Entry British Columbia (BC): Skilled Worker and Express Entry BC: International Graduate classes.

On the predictable lines, those who have received invitations under the said categories may obtain 600 more points under the Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) once their provincial nomination petition is judged successful. It denotes they may be in a superior spot to get an Invitation to Apply (ITA) at a federal Express Entry draw conducted afterwards.

Cut-off in Latest Provincial Draw

The petitions of the aspirants sent invites, via the Skills Immigration streams for Permanent Residence (PR), will be processed outside the structure of Express Entry post a nomination from BC greets them.

People keen to move to the Maple Leaf Country, via the BC PNP would do well to start the procedure, via generating an online profile with the BC PNP and duly complete every given section of the registration form. After a profile is reviewed, candidates get a total on the basis of civil status, education, employment experience, and other aspects. Afterwards, they find themselves into the Selection Pool for the BC PNP.

In order to have the eligibility for most of the visa schemes run by the BC PNP BC PNP, it is required that the aspirants possess an indeterminate, permanent employment offer from a recruiter/firm in the BC.

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