British Government Assessing Student Visa, Says Green!

It has been said by British government that the nation has gained from immigration from India. At the same time, now the nation wants this rate to be controlled in order to increase the gains as well as reduce the total number of migrants walking into the nation. This is when compared to the level of immigration in 1990s.

Damian Green, the Immigration Minister for Britain on his visit to India said that the nation is also assessing the provisions for the student visas. This is being done to bring about aid to those who are the best and the brightest and could pursue their higher education. At the same time, it could also prevent those who pretend to have an intention to study in order to get a job. He also said that he is in the nation to explain the amends brought about in the UK immigration policies as well as the reasons behind them. At this point of time, the government of UK is working on limited economic immigration.

The Immigration Minister also mentioned that it has been decided to bring about a zero limit when it comes to unskilled migration. At the same time, the government wants to attract the best and the brightest of the entrepreneurs and investors who could aid in the economic growth of Britain. This does not mean there is a contradiction in reduction of immigration levels and at the same time, wanting to bring about more investment and skilled migrants to the nation. Both are possible together.

Answering questions he also said that about hundred illegal migrants on an average are being deported from UK each month. With this, about two hundred more Indians have been detained in various prisons in the nation. The Minister also met with the Chief Minister of Punjab, Parkash Singh Badal as well as the DGP to seek cooperation with regard to illegal migration to Britain from Punjab.

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