British Immigration’s Destructive Student Rule Criticized

In what may not be music to the ears of the Immigration UK, a report from a renowned British foundation has condemned the nation’s immigration strategy claiming that the same is harming its status as a top immigration hotspot for global students. The said report advocates that students ought to be given the permission to reside and do a job in the country for 6 months, post graduation on their Tier 4 student permit, prior to having to graduate to one more permit.

The report also admits that there is an extensive public unease about immigration across the nation. It asserts that the administration has vowed to reduce net overseas movement from outside from the 100s of 1000s to the 10s of 1000s. Global students remaining in the nation for more than one year are publicly calculated as migrants in administration data. Consequently, such students have become a key object for attempts to decrease overall migrant figures.

British Export Education Segment Valued at 17.5 Billion Pounds

However, it maintains that the concerned body is endorsing development in the worldwide education segment. The nation’s education exports industry is projected to be valued at 17.5 billion British Pounds. The report affirms that the said two objectives are mismatched even as the movement to lessen immigrant figures is preventing students from pursuing studies in the country.

Reportedly, the current Coalition regime has abolished the right of 700-odd educational organizations to proffer sponsorship to the non-EU global students for the Tier 4 permits. The report maintains that though it is correct to prevent the exploitation of the student permit system, a zero-acceptance policy to structured misuse should not in any way prohibit attempts to develop and boost the global education field. It warns that real students also are being dampened from pursuing studies in the country.

Decision to Shut Down Colleges Harmful

The report adds that there is no dearth whatsoever of students, who end up at the many national universities, to pursue studies initially first at the further education (FE) colleges even as given the Coalition’s move to shut-down 100s of such colleges is expected to further destroy the higher education segment in the future. The report maintains that a significant section of the reduction in the figures for student is thanks to BIG decreases in the volume of the students arriving from certain countries, such as India, & Pakistan.

Nation’s Post-study Employment Offer Pathetic

The report claims that the same could be thanks to Britain’s post-study job offer, which is weaker vis-à-vis several of its key rival nations. The report talks about a survey of Indian students which discovered that a staggering 91% believed that curbs on pursuing studies post work would daunt majority of the students from getting enrolled for various study courses throughout the UK.

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