British Jobs and British Workers

Immigration in the United Kingdom has definitely affected the British job market. It is quite known about the British Prime Minister Gordon brown speaking about creating British Jobs for British Workers. However, in the last thirteen years, the British workers have been in the worst of the conditions.

The issue of immigration and its economic impact has been discussed by both the UK Independence Party and the British National Party. These include the wages, productivity and employment opportunities.

The main question to be asked here is the number of jobs that have gone to immigrants since 1997. According to the data recorded, the number of jobs in the United Kingdom has increased by 2.12 million from the first quarter of 1997. Also, the number of people who were in the UK saw an increase by three hundred and eighty five thousand. With this, those born outside the UK saw a rise by 1.72 million.

However, there are no exact recordings of the number of jobs going to the non – British but records show which job went to whom. In a way, it could be said that 81 percent of the jobs went to those born outside the United Kingdom.

However, the case could also be that these non – UK born people might also be citizens of the United Kingdom and might be living in the nation for decades together. This can be one of the most likely options which cannot be ignored. They have equally contributed to the nation despite not being of British origin.

Thus, a balance has to be maintained where in the immigrants could be brought about to fill in the skill shortages. This would maintain equilibrium with both parties getting equal opportunities.

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