British Migrants May Be Greeted With Fresh Admission Fee, Financial Bonds

According to certain recent proposals, London may ask immigrants arriving in the nation to cough-up fee. Such fee will not be returned back unless they shift out of the country, and don’t utilize any health services. It is being claimed that the imposition of an admission charge will play a decisive role in making certain that the immigrants desist from overstaying their UK permits.

This recent plan is a component of clampdown on boosting the UK immigration levels by doing away with non-compliance by the aliens believed to be of great risk. Lately, Britain has already seen a remarkable decrease in the levels of immigration made to the country.

Further, it will be compulsory for the migrants to pay fee for arriving in the nation even as 1000s of British pounds will apparently have to be duly paid by those family members of the migrant, who are already residing in the nation. Theresa May–the incumbent British Home Secretary–has reportedly forwarded the said proposal.

The money will, sort of, offer assurance by the immigrants that they won’t put any pressure whatsoever on the British financial resources even while the immigrants utilizing non-emergency healthcare–offered by the national health services–will not be entitled for receiving their money back. However, such financial restrictions would not cover those who are from the EU nations accordingly mentioned in the Schengen passport-free-area.

Abolish Student Permit Loopholes!

Meanwhile, the nation’s Shadow Home Secretary has observed that London requires to get rid of its UK student permit arrangement by targeting those who continue to reside in Britain even post the ending of their Study Permits. He added that those who make use of the path of the Student Permit–to get employed in the nation–also require to be prevented from doing so.

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