British MP Not Allowed in Canada, Courtesy Pro-Israel bias

According to British MP George Galloway’s lawyer, the minister was barred from entering the Canadian premises, courtesy the Pro-Israel bias. The lawyer came out with the statement this Wednesday in the Federal Court.

Barbara Jackman acquainted the court that Immigration Minister of Canada, Jason Kenny used his powers to bar the Canadians from hearing George’s anti-war message. She went on to say that the Canadian minister has no right to apply his views and judgment on the people of Canada who are eager to her George’s views. Barbara went on to call Kenney as “self-described Catholic Zionist” who is only eager to impose his thoughts on others.

George was supposed to visit Canada in March 2009, but he was rejected to enter the premises on the basis of security grounds. Now reports are saying that Canada’s Federal Court is thinking to review the ban all over again.

On the contrary, government lawyers defended Kenney stating that the minister was not involved in the decision to bar George from entering the country. George, in addition, has been accused of providing back to HAMAS, which is regarded as an applauded terrorist group.

One of those lawyers stated that George intentionally provided the goods to the group, but George on the other hand, denies all the allegations put on him.

Final decision is yet to come, but reports are pointing out in the direction that the ban has been imposed courtesy the Pro-Israel bias!

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