British whites may become minority by 2066!

According to research the white Britons may get the status of a “minority” in their own country UK by 2066, if the current trend in immigration continues.

According to the population expert professor David Coleman, the inability to regulate the import of foreign workers can alter national identity drastically. This warning by the Oxford university expert has come when the Migration Advisory Board is planning to give the government some more recommendations on the proposed non-EU immigrant cap.

According to the statistics provided by the Office of National Statistics, if the current import of 180,000 professionals continues the population of white British would decline from 80% to 59% by 2051.

The English population typically comprising of the English, Welsh, Scottish and Irish would be a minority population by 2066! In the next 10 years the government is planning to lower down the net immigration rate. But even getting the immigrant numbers slashed down to 80,000 the Britons would be a minority by 2080, as Coleman says.

The gradual change of the majority of minority populations in UK would have a different impact on the cultural, religious, political and economical scenario of the nation.

The 50% benchmark would not have any special significance but its political and psychological impact is undeniable.

It is said that a quarter of the births in England and Wales are happening from foreign born mothers. There has been a significant rise in the minority population from 2001. The minority population has come up from 13% to approx 16%. Immigration has undoubtedly been the majority contributor of this rise in minority population.

Going by the youthfulness of the immigrants the expert say that the 50% benchmark will be faster met in schools, universities and workplaces.

Leicester and Birmingham are predicted to the top places having majority of minority population in the UK by 2020.

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