Is Bulgaria Immigration from India in Your Mind?

Europe has always attracted Indians for both tourism & business. Most of the overseas immigration motivated Indians are always ready to visit Europe for their honeymoon tours, whereas, other folks might pick Europe as a travel destination. If you have been planning lately to visit Europe, you can look forward to Bulgaria immigration from India.

Bulgaria immigration from India will help you figure out the objective of the immigration, and at the same time, make the visit memorable.

Who Should Visit Bulgaria from India?

This question might be a tough one. If you are planning to explore the alpine climate, picturesque landscapes and friendly people, it seems that you are on a travel visit. The stay would be no more than a sojourn. In such case, you can easily pick the republic. However, if you are that farfetched guy, you can look forward to investment or job in Bulgaria. This thought will not be so old school, albeit, some folks might question its existence.

Bulgaria immigration from India

But, if you are an investor from India, visit the republic for investment as it has BB+ rating given by some of the top rating agencies, like Standard & Poor, Moody and Finch. In case, you are planning to undertake the investment, pick Sofia as your destination! Since this city or capital of Bulgaria has the same credit rating as that of the nation.

To get the investment to work, you have to invest EUR 512,000 in the Bulgarian Government Bond or you can also pick a Bulgarian company for investment. If you have invested in the Bulgarian Government Bond, you cannot claim any interest. But, it is mandatory to hold the investment for two years in any Bulgarian company, if you have availed for this option.

Bulgarian Indian Diaspora has been well under 1000 in number, but certainly this should not be your concern as an immigrant from India, as Sofia’s municipality roughly spends a million euros for promoting multiculturalism. So, you will not feel alienated at any point of time.

How Professional Help Will Matter?

Your plans to move to the destination will not become a reality with just thoughts. Rather, you have to act on it and exceptionally talented professionals will be the key to attaining the success. You can manage the application on your own, but it will not be technically well equipped to leave an impression on the immigration officers.

On the contrary, when you have experts to assist you, here are a few benefits that you will get.

Complete Assistance on Application: The application requires different procedural papers and documentation. By having a professional, you can be updated with the application.

Preparation for Visa Interview: Visa interview is the main objective for any immigrant. A good interview will ensure seamless movement. You can be assured of the same when you have a reliable immigration agent.

These are few things to know for Bulgaria immigration from India.

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