Business Experience Requirement for Investor 2 Category

In order to be eligible to apply for a New Zealand resident visa under Investor 2 Category 2 of Migrant Investment Categories, a principal applicant must have business experience as his/her eligibility requirement. Points are awarded for the number of years of business experience. Let us have a look at the business experience requirements:

    The principal applicant is required to have business experience of at least 3 years.

  • Below are the recognized business experience that qualifies for points under the Investor 2 Category:

(a) Minimum points of 9 are awarded against 3 years of business experience.

(b) 12 points are awarded for 4 years of business experience.

(c) 15 points for 5 years of business experience.

(d) 18 points are awarded to people with 6 years of business experience.

(e) 21 points are for those with 7 years of business experience.

(f) 24 points are awarded against 8 years of business experience.

(g) 27 points are for people with 9 years of business experience.

(h)Maximum of 30 points are awarded for more than 10 years of business experience.

If you are interested in applying for a residence permit to New Zealand, mail following information ASAP at [email protected] for a free of charge assessment by Ajay Sharma, principal consultant, ABHINAV.

  • Your updated resume if skilled professional, or if businessmen, then brief on business profile along with information on your current personal net worth.
  • If married, provide the resume for your spouse as well.
  • If applicable, please provide information on children and their age.
  • Information on any blood relatives residing in New Zealand. This is not a compulsory requirement to qualify for immigration to New Zealand, but serves as additional positive assessment and suitability factor.

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