Business Opportunities in New Brunswick Canada

Exploring Business Opportunities in New Brunswick Canada via the NBPNP-B Path

Not many people are aware about the Canadian authorized bilingual province of New Brunswick. But, the Eastern Canada’s Maritime Province is well-known among those who dream of becoming Canadian permanent residents someday using the Provincial Business Nominee (PNP) immigration path.

Business Opportunities in New Brunswick, Canada

There are many reasons as why to immigrate to the amazing Maritime province. Several people come here to enjoy healthy, affordable and relaxed lifestyle while others choose the region because of excellent healthcare and education system offered there in.

Business professionals choose to immigrate because of its strong economy dependent on tourism, mixed farming, fishing, and mining. Being a province with a very stable economy, New Brunswick offers a fertile ground, especially for small business professionals.

Business Opportunities in New Brunswick Canada

The easiest path for the foreign business professionals that can take them to their dream destination is New Brunswick Provincial Nominee Programme (NBPNP-B). Keeping in mind the province’s economic specific needs, the NBPNP-B is designed to draw foreign business people with the capability and active enthusiasm to contribute towards the province’s economic needs through a well researched business plan.

They can either start a new venture or manage/associate in an existing one in the province. It is also required that they have a management experience with the financial capability to make an active investment in the province.

The NBPNP is an economic programme is use to select, nominate business people from every part of the world who will than come to the region and contribute towards its economic development. Potential applicants complete an online profile and Expression of Interest (EOI), and submit it to the NBPNP.

Thereafter, complete details can be viewed on the NBPNP Express Entry page. You must submit your educational credential assessment report, work experience, language test score, and other mandatory information in your EOI.

Applicants with high rank will be invited to submit an application under the NBPNP Express Entry Labor Market Stream. Once the applicant receives a provincial nomination, the Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) will ask high the scorers to apply for Permanent Residency (PR) and get 60 days to claim the same, otherwise their ITA will lapse.

NBPNP-B–Key Requirements

  • The applicant must show a desire to live and work in NB permanently.
  • He must express a desire to operate a business venture there in.
  • He must present a detailed business proposal that will demonstrate how the business venture will ultimately provide beneficial for the province. The plan must have the sanction from a New Brunswick government officer.
  • He must have a high school qualification.
  • At the time of submitting the application, the aspirant must be between the age group of 22 and 55 years.
  • He must intend to make an investment of 75,000 Canadian Dollars. The amount is conditionally refundable.
  • The candidate must have a personal net worth of 300,000 Canadian Dollars.
  • To conduct a research and explore the business environment, the applicant must make a business trip to the province, and be there in for at least five working days. He must exhibit an understanding of the region’s business atmosphere. Through the visit, the candidates are required to carry-out all-encompassing research.
  • He must bump into an NBPNP officer for an interview in the wake of business tour.
  • To actively manage a business venture, the aspirant must be fluent in either of these languages, namely, English or French.
  • He must possess at least three years of management experience out of the last five years. The candidates are evaluated on the basis of the figure of years they have owned a firm/venture or worked as a high-ranking manager in a firm/venture through the previous five years also and also the kind of management experience they have.
  • He must get a passing score of at least 50 points on the selection grid.

Fulfill the above given requirements and there’s no reason why you cannot get a chance to make the most of the available Business opportunities in New Brunswick Canada.

Seek professional assistance and guidance from the Canada visa and immigration consultants if the need arises for the same. There’s no harm in it.

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