Buying Property in New Zealand after Immigrating!

First advice would be to settle in New Zealand, do your homework on the area, know your needs and then look for buying property there. Consider the following facades in mind while intending to buy a property in New Zealand:

  • First facet would be to understand the property market. Many people are opting to go for “Open house” meaning the property owner allows the prospective buyers to view the specifications of their home on suggested timings. Ensure to have a sneak peak of various homes and get an idea of things which are bothering you.
  • One can take assistance from state agents who are more than satiated to do the job for migrants, on behalf of the commission they get in return.

Also be aware that home loan facilities are available through New Zealand banks. Hence, those looking for mortgage can consider taking their advantages. Read on…

  • Once you have come across the kind of house you are looking for, next step would be to make the offer. A majority of houses on New Zealand are sold for a fixed rate, hence there are chances that negotiating on the cost may lead to certain hidden costs, therefore a contract in written should always be asked.
  • In case of house auction, you need to make sure that the property title is checked by a solicitor, hence requiring a building inspection to be carried out. While at house auction, set a right budget in your mind. This would ensure that you don’t go on to pay more than you can afford.
  • Look for the Land Information Memorandum (LIM). This would include the details of building consents, property zoning, to name a few.
  • In the end, an agreed offer would mean you would be expected to pay a ten percent deposit on the settled purchase price. Additionally, it is a mandate to skim through the agreement terms, ensuring right contract is made.

Also, there are different types of New Zealand homes one can opt to choose from. They are apartments, town houses, small holdings, family homes, Blue Ribbon Sea Views, to name a few.

Once you are rightly immigrated and settled in New Zealand, look forward to know other such facets too and do your homework well in advance before taking any final decision. For any immigration related issue, mail your query at [email protected]

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