C11 Entrepreneur Visa- Bring Significant Benefits to Canada

C11 Entrepreneur Visa- Bring Significant Benefits to Canada

C11 Entrepreneur visa is a work permit visa category for self-employed personnel and entrepreneurs wanting to work in Canada without needing to apply for an LMIA. Essentially, the C11 work permit cater to two types of entrepreneurs. First one is for those who want to make a temporary entry to Canada based on their entrepreneurial abilities and plans. The second one refers to people wanting to gain entry as self-employed and eventually seeking permanent residency in the country.

Let’s discuss them in detail:

Temporary Workers- for those seeking temporary entry to Canada to set up their own business. To qualify, the business must generate a significant economic, social, or cultural benefits to Canadian citizens or permanent residents.

The individual must own at least 50% of the business. The applicant must also convince the visa officer that they will leave Canada before the expiry date of their visa.

Temporary to Permanent Residence- this category is created for those who have a long-term plan to stay in Canada or in the process of applying for permanent residence via an entrepreneur or self-employed permanent residence program. The visa holders of this category are allowed to enter Canada and establish their business.

Factors determining whether the business will generate significant benefit:

  • Viability of the business
  • The uniqueness of the business
  • Economic potential of the business, including job creation, regional development, and increased export markets.
  • Existence of the business plan
  • Steps taken to initiate the business plan

The applicant must also show that they have taken significant steps to put the business plan in action. For this, they can show evidence of financial ability to establish the business, pay necessary expenditures, renting space, staffing, securing a business number, and submitting ownership documents.

Irrespective of whether you are applying for temporary workers category or temporary to permanent residence, the applicant must prove the following pointers to the visa officer:

  • You are the owner of the business or a self-employed individual with a viable business plan
  • The business or the venture established by you must generate significant considerable economic benefits for Canadians.

Type of business eligible for C11 entrepreneur visa

Some seasonal businesses/ventures that have great potential in Canada are described as follows:

  • Outdoor adventure companies
  • Gardening and lawn care
  • Chimney sweeping services
  • Moving services
  • Pool maintenance services
  • Personal trainer/coach
  • Christmas/Halloween retailer

What does “Significant Benefit to Canada” mean?

Your C11 work permit application can get selected or rejected based on this “Significant benefit to Canada” factor. An immigration officer will evaluate your business plan based on its economic viability.

The below pointers will help you understand what ‘significant benefit’ implies in the context of a C11 visa.

  • The type of business an applicant intends to establish must economically benefit Canadians and their permanent residents. The economic stimulus can have different meanings. For example- it can be about creating new jobs, growth of Canadian imports, or economic development of any specific region in Canada.
  • The work, the applicant, plans to execute must result in industry advancement in the country. Industrial promotion may involve technological development, innovation in products and services, or skills enhancement of the Canadian workforce.
  • The business must be favorable for the people of Canada and the Canadian society.

Applying for Permanent Residence after C11 Work Permit

At present, the C11 work permit does not lead to permanent residency. However, applicants may opt for the following ways to transition from work permit to permanent residence in Canada.

  • Immigration to Canadian provinces through provincial nominee programs as entrepreneur or self-employed personnel.
  • Immigrate to Quebec as a self-employed individual

Other immigration options and pathways to apply for permanent residency in Canada via C11 work permit. The most popular one is the ‘Express Entry’ program, which permits owners, senior executives, and professionals to apply for a Canada PR visa through a valid job offer from their own company in Canada. for more information you can contact with our immigration consultant at 8595338595 or [email protected]

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