Can Support Self & Those Depended on You Overseas? Apply for UK Standard Visitor Visa!

The UK is a group of islands and made up of four countries, namely, England, Wales, Scotland, and Northern Ireland. It is a unique country situated in the northwest part of Europe. The country has the fifth largest economy in the world and is powerful with international influence in various sectors, such as military, economic, political, scientific and cultural.

Almost everyone wants to visit the country at least once in their lifetime. If you, too, dream of visiting the overseas hotspot, this blog will be of great use as we will discuss about the UK Standard Visitor Visa.

Obtaining a Standard Visitor Visa for UK is not a cakewalk. The UK is one place that has the most stringent rules and regulations to obtain a visa. If you visit the official website of the UK Government, you will find the complete details of the Standard Visitor Visa process and its requirements, but it’s a daunting task and many of the applicants prefer to take help of an immigration consultant rather than struggling on their own.

To provide some information about the same, we have created the following overview.

The UK Standard Visitor Visa does not have much of the restriction when it comes to what the applicants can do and what cannot do.

A Standard Visitor Visa for UK allows the applicants to participate in wide range of activities such as participate in conference or undergo any training, embark on an academic research, participate in a sport event, take any of the following tests Professional and Linguistic Assessment Board (PLAB) test or sit the Objective Structured Clinical Examination (OSCE).

However, a visa holder does not have the right to participate in any paid work, nor can they stay in the country for a longer period of time with frequent visits. Most importantly, applicants are strictly restricted from marrying or getting a civil partnership registered.

UK Standard Visitor Visa

How long can a person stay in UK with the visa?

UK Standard Visitor Visa allows the holders to stay in the country for up to six months, with multiple entries. If the immigration officer has given you less than six months, you can apply for an extension.

Can Standard Visitor Visa be extended?

As mentioned above, initially, the visa is issued for up to six months but it can be extended if:

  • You prove that you have to visit the country regularly over the extended period of time, and the reason of your travel remains unchanged.
  • You require undertaking academic research in the country
  • You need medical treatment.

Eligibility Requirements

You need to fulfill these:

  • Prove you aim to return upon the expiry of the Visit Visa.
  • You have enough funds to support self and your family while in the country.
  • You have no plans at all to get involved with any work of profit.

Further information or help

For further information or help, contact an expert immigration consultant your one stop solution for all issues involving the UK Standard Visitor Visa!

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