Canada – UAE Relations Turn Sour!

The United Arab Emirates would now implement a visa for all the Canadians for them to come to the UAE. In order to travel to the Persian Gulf Federation, the Canadian nationals would soon have to obtain a visa. The main reason behind this is the ties turning sour between the nations.

The amended criteria came about amidst the spat regarding the landing rights for Emirati airlines. The announcement was made by the Embassy of UAE in Ottawa. The dispute has already led to limited access to a military air base for Canada. This air base is an important connecting link for its supply line towards its mission in Afghanistan.

Earlier, the people from Canada along with many other nations did not have to obtain a visa in order to enter Emirates. All they had to get done was to get a stamp on their passport. However, this policy would no longer be applicable due to the relations between the two nations which cannot be termed anymore as being healthy.

On the other hand, the visitors from the UAE need to have a visa in order to come to Canada. So, the new rules tend to balance the field as of now. About 25,000 Canadian nationals live in Emirates. There are around 200 companies from Canada which have set their operations here. The country is also the largest trade partner for Canada in the Middle East.

The need to obtain a visa would be implemented from the 2nd January. The officials from Emirati are pressurizing the Canadian government. This came about after additional landing rights were not granted to the airlines.

Above all, this spat doesn’t seem to be rectified in the near future. It would not be wrong to expect more stringent rules being implemented for trade and immigration between the two nations.

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