Survey on Public Attitude on Canadian Immigration!

A survey was conducted on the public attitudes regarding the immigration policy in Canada. This survey has brought out some interesting trends and facts. Ekos Research and Associates conducted the survey. This was brought about as part of a report which was commissioned by the Government.

This report was released as to bring about a form to the new immigration policy. However, the immigration policy was introduced last week itself when it was announced by the government that the current level of immigration would be maintained for 2011 as well. These levels cater to a range between 240,000 and 265,000 new immigrants.

As per the report, the government has been advised there have been concerns by some Canadians regarding the effect that immigration would have on the local culture. At the same time, they all agreed to the economic benefits that immigration was bringing to the nation. So, the advantages pertaining to immigration must be linked very closely to the economic aspects rather than the cultural aspects.

According to the survey, 71 percent of the local people had a positive opinion when it came to immigration to Canada. At the same time, another 57 percent found it was good for the culture of Canada. This rate has declined from the initial 61 percent in 2004.

Some of the other findings reveal that majority of the Canadians were happy and satisfied with the current level of immigration. This was projected by 54 percent of the Canadians voting for it. This was a rise from the initial 49 percent in 2004.

On the other hand, only 23 percent of the local Canadians felt that there were too many migrants in the nation. This number has declined from the initial 31 percent in 2004.

The results of the survey were given to the government in April. This was done to aid with the formation of the new immigration policy for Canada. These results came about with the help of 1530 participants who responded to the questions in the survey.

The above clearly projects that when it comes to immigration, Canada is one of the most promising and inviting destinations for immigration.

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