Canada Advances in Gender Equality with More Female Applicants

Canada, the land of immigrants, seems to sow the seeds of gender equality with more and more women becoming primary applicants and scoring impressive CRS scores in Canada’s Express Entry System. As a country, Canada has always encouraged migration and has extensively relied on skilled immigrants to develop themselves as a strong and economically developed nation.

Prospective immigrants to Canada are required to submit an expression of interest under Express Entry System. Express Entry is Canada’s most popular system that manages applications for economic immigration categories, which include the Federal Skilled Worker Program, the Federal Skilled Trades Program, the Canadian Experience Class, along with some of the provincial nominee program categories. Potential candidates are awarded comprehensive ranking scores to rank candidates against each other and assess their profiles based on the information they provide while expressing their interest.

As per the Express Entry year-end-report for the year 2018 provided by Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC), the number of women getting the CRS scores more than 400 has been increased by 56% since 2017. In fact, many of them have surpassed men as well in claiming the maximum CRS scores.

As on January 2019, over 39,273 (75%) female candidates claimed CRS points between 350 to 449 as compared to 55,690 male applicants. In 2018, 70% women with applications in Express Entry pool claimed more than 400 CRS points as compared to male candidates who stood at 67%. In 2017, this figure was 62% for the female applicants who reached the CRS score of 400.

Similarly, 65 women achieved the CRS score of 950 and above, compared to 55 men. This shows that female candidates are definitely making a progress when it comes to submitting their application in the Express Entry system and demonstrating their vitality making outstanding economic contributions in Canada.

The report states that women applicants with strong French language skills also claimed more points as compared to men.

More Women Receiving ITA’s Under Key Economic Immigration Categories

There is a rapid increase in the percentage of women getting Invitation to Apply (ITAs) for Canada immigration. In 2018, the percentage of women receiving ITAs was 42%, which is 37,322 out of 89,800 ITAs in total.

Looking at such figures, one can clearly assume that women applicants are surpassing the male candidates, and account for 41% of all qualified profiles submitted in 2018.  According to the report, there is an increase in the number of females migrating to Canada as permanent residents or admitting as primary applicants via the Express Entry route.

It’s also worth noting that women from some specific countries represent a greater proportion of principal applicants being admitted to Canada as compared to men. Women from countries such as, China (55%), Korea (51%), and Russia (53%) represent a major portion of primary applicants applying for Canada immigration as primary applicants through Express Entry system.

Percentage Increase in Eligibility Rates for Female Applicants

In 2018, a total of 109,000 profiles were submitted by women in the Express Entry Pool. Additionally, 74% female candidates successfully qualified for one of the three Federal Skilled Immigration Categories under Express Entry System, which was 70% in 2017.

There is also an impressive rise of 6 per cent on the rate of eligibility for the female applicants as compared to men in 2018.

Having said that, it’s easy to understand that how potential female candidates are outnumbering male candidates in the race of Canada PR visa. The data clearly depicts that the percentage of women being admitted to Canada under skilled migration is rising, every year, and stands proudly at 47% till date.

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