For Indian Nationals, Canada Announces Ten Years Multiple Entry Visa!

On last Thursday, Canada has announced a ten-year multiple entry visa plan particularly for Indian Nationals. According to the International Trade Minister of Canada and the Minister for Asia-Pacific Gateway, this new Visa scheme will increase the trade bonding between these two countries and is also expecting to enhance their trade triple times by $15 billion by the year of 2015.

Later on, at the official release of the PBD on that particular day, the million-strong Indo-Canadian community was invited to be a part of this achievement. In a speech at the opening dinner program, the Indian External Minister for States expressed that the Indian diaspora has played a very significant role in India’s prosperity. Through investments in various sectors, transfer of technical expertise and showcasing Indian culture, films and dance, it actually helps in promoting India abroad.

India appreciates Canadian Government for their excellent services and establishment of the Overseas Indian Affair Ministry along with the Indian Community Welfare Fund. India and Canada have already signed the Nuclear Agreement and in the very near future, these two great countries will also go for the Social Security Agreement.

In the interest of Canadian partnership for India’s growth, the government official has said that the ties between India and Canada are developing and as result of which a lot of development opportunities can be seen in India. The official also has mentioned that over the next decade, India will need $1 trillion in the infrastructure and foreign sector investment.

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