Canada, Australia—Best Immigration Destinations

If immigration is on your mind, the chances are that you are considering either Canada or Australia. Looking at the present scenario, it can be said that Canada and Australia are the best immigration destinations. Both the nations have their own particular reasons that make them very popular choices for the prospective immigrants from all over the world. Both the countries have the largest Indian population doing well in various professions.

In the Maple Leaf Country, certain cities like Toronto, British Columbia (BC), Hamilton, Montreal and in the Land of Kangaroos, some specific cities, like Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, and Perth have rather strong presence of Indian migrants. These two hot immigration destinations have ample of opportunities for Indian migrants. Worldwide Indians are known for being laborious and qualified.

Coming back to the immigration destinations in question, both the countries offer the most competitive pay package and excellent work environment. Without a doubt, Canada and Australia are the best immigration destinations.

To defend the statement here below are given some facts:

In the Maple Leaf Country, the Indo-Canadian population is the third largest non-European immigrant category followed by Chinese and Philippines respectively. On the other side in terms of numbers Indian migrants to Australia has overtaken Chinese. As per some reports, during the last two decades, the number of Indian migrants has significantly increased.

Now a Comparative Study!

Cost of Living: As compared to the ‘Land of Kangaroos’ (Australia) the cost of living in the land of ‘Milk and Honey’ (Canada) is relatively low. The former has high housing taxes but in Canada the same is affordable. Day to day daily expenses is also high in ‘Oz’, whereas taxes are almost same in both the countries. Efforts are being made that in future the cost of leaving becomes affordable for migrants.

Job Scenario: Both the countries have high employment opportunities for migrants who are paid rather handsomely. Both the nations largely depend on their mining and natural resources. However, there are some sectors that are highly demanded in one country rather than in second. For instance, the demand of qualified nurses is high in Canada whereas a large number of Engineers prefer to migrate to Australia. The future prospects of the manufacturing sector are bright in the Maple Leaf country whereas the future prospects of IT companies are extremely bright in Down Under.

Some immigration experts strongly believe that both the countries are of equivalent status and hold a bright future. Both the Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) and the Australian Department of Immigration and Border Protection (DIBP) continuously make effort to draw more and more skilled professionals.

To meet the growing demand of skilled workers, both the countries have fueled their immigration programmes, via Express Entry Program and SkillSelect offering vast opportunities to the prospective immigrants.

The increase in immigration rate for both the countries clearly signifies that the future prospects of Australia and Canada are pretty bright and perhaps has the most desired and adaptable programmes for migrants.

From time to time, the DIBP and the CIC make efforts to increase the acceptability of migrants among the local citizens. Both the countries are migrant-friendly.

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