Canada BC PNP for Businessmen Ideal for Living in British Columbia

Canada has a zero tolerance policy towards discrimination. It offers open opportunity not only to businessmen but to business women as well to come to it through their business skills.

When one plans to move aboard, many factors play an important role. While selecting the final destination it is all the more important for both businessmen and women to select the country more carefully as they intend to invest their hard-earned money.

Though each applicant’s consideration is different but if you are looking for a business-friendly country that offers government support, low tax policy, favorable environment and open acceptance by the local citizens, then surely you should head towards Canada–the beautiful country located in North America.

British Columbia (BC), located in West Cost of the country, encourages business people–both entrepreneurs and investors–to come and start a fresh in the province. The province offers all support that is required to boost a start up the possibilities is promising and endless even as the BC government offers complete support and assistance to help immigrants achieve their set goals.

Canada BC PNP for Businessmen

Earlier this year if you have missed a chance to immigrate to BC under the PNP programme no worries! You may always consider BC-PNP under Express Entry System. Remember: it is a point based system and preference is given to merit. Let’s says only the best gets an opportunity. Therefore, it is important to understand the basic facts and accordingly make a movement.

From early this year BC PNP for businessmen has started running under the province in alliance with the federal government via the Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC). Eligible applicants, with the required skills and capital, are granted a British Columbia Provincial Nomination Certificate. The application of the applicants automatically gets fast- tracked and foreign business personnel can easily claim Canadian Permanent Residency.

Now let’s have a brief understanding of the programme!

The BC has made it mandatory for prospective immigrants to register themselves online through the Entrepreneur Immigration Registration (EIR). Every month, not more than 200 applications are accepted and among the registrants only those with high scores are invited to apply.

Applicants must have the possibility to significantly contribute towards the growth of the province, through either investing or starting a commercial business venture in BC. The applicant should also be able to create at least one permanent job–either for the Canadian Permanent Resident or Citizen.

Within the four weeks of one’s registration, every applicant will be assigned points on the basis of the business proposal and other factors. If you have been placed in the Express Entry Pool for next six months, you will receive timely notification through email.

Your application will be fully assessed and at any time of the given period you may be issued an Invitation to Apply (ITA). For assessment, you may be called for interpersonal interview in Vancouver though neither is interview guaranteed nor it is assured you will surly receive an ITA. The CIC has the authority to reject your application at any stage of the application processing.

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