Canada Beats Economists with Its Job Gain in April!

According to reports, April has been the month, when Canada generated the highest number of monthly jobs since the monthly gain of August in the year 2002. Reports say almost all provinces in the country saw growth in employment last month. Out of all provinces, Ontario, Quebec, Alberta, British Columbia and Manitoba experienced the largest increase in jobs.

Economists forecasted a total increase of 25,000 jobs for the fourth month of 2010, but the actual job gain in Canada beat the number. The country created 108,700 positions last month, thereby helping its unemployment rate to drop down. The country’s unemployment rate last month was 8.1 percent.

In Alberta, one of the provinces that saw the biggest gains, jobs grew by 10,000 and according to the reports of the Conference Board of Canada the province will see the economic recovery solidify next year as the province is expected to create 72,000 new jobs.

Of the total job gains, half percent was seen among young men, while there was no significant change in the employment pattern for women. The growth was seen in both full-time and part-time employment, with 44,000 and 65,000 jobs respectively. Private sector, especially wholesale and retail trade; building and other support services; business; and construction industries led April’s employment growth in Canada.

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