Canada Comprehensive Ranking System Less Strict Now

The Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC), the governing body of Immigration, under the guidance of the Immigration Ministry of Canada, introduced the Express Entry Programme in the year 2015. This programme was meant to check unregulated and bogus immigration and it used the Comprehensive Ranking System as the tool to check that.

The Comprehensive Ranking System considers the Core Human Capital, viz., experience and expertise in specific field under the Comprehensive Ranking System metrics to facilitate the immigration.

In the initial stage of the application, the Comprehensive Ranking System raised the bars with the Comprehensive Ranking System Points standing pegged at above 650 marks. With such high parameters, it was technically impossible for the immigrants to crack the Comprehensive Ranking System codes.

Comprehensive Ranking System
Comprehensive Ranking System

But over the period, a sharp fall was seen in the Canadian application because of the draconian Express Entry policies. Though Express Entry has been lauded as the most transparent and effective immigration programme of the world, yet the Comprehensive Ranking System took a toll on the dreams of the immigrants of Canada.

After careful analysis and assessment, the IRCC Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada took a bold and historic step to cut down on the Comprehensive Ranking System points.

With the passage of years, the Comprehensive Ranking System became less draconian for the immigrants. The Points of the Points Calculator fell to 500 and the lowest was recorded at 415 in the year 2017.

With such low or sharp fall, the prospects of the immigrants are somewhat improving and they want the Comprehensive Ranking System to perform in the best possible manner for helping them lead their Canadian dream.

The Comprehensive Ranking System assesses the immigrants based on their experience, expertise, educational qualification, language proficiency (English & French) and adaptability in the country. For relatives and friends in Canada who want to sponsor the immigrant, special points are given.

If you want greater amount of clarity about the Comprehensive Ranking System, hire the best immigration agents present in the market. Good agents will always make your efforts convert and you will get the opportunity to live your dreams of moving to the best place of your choice.

In case you are not aware of the dynamics to judge their effectiveness, always consider their experience, expertise, certification and the track record in the past. If you can connect with clients who are served by such immigrants, it will bring more benefits to you. Take all these matters carefully and understand the Comprehensive Ranking System for an exceptional experience of moving to the Maple Leaf Country.

As the Comprehensive Ranking System ranking are continuously falling, the aspiring immigrants who were not able to break the Comprehensive Ranking System benchmark earlier can apply, but being patient should be the key and a good immigration agent will attach more benefits to the patience.

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