Canada Express Entry 2015 for Skilled Workers Will Prove Highly Helpful

The Canadian program of Express Entry 2015 for skilled specialists will start to accept application from January 2015. The scheme is likely to successfully connect applicants for Permanent Residence (PR) with those Canadian employers who fail to find skilled Canadians for the required job, and bring them in the country quickly.

Ottawa is working closely with its various provincial and territorial partners, as well as Canadian recruiter/job-providers to make certain that the official launch of the scheme in the month of January proves highly fruitful. It is expected that the Canada’s Express Entry 2015 will be most beneficial for skilled professionals.

The program will work in two major steps:

  1. Complete an online Express Entry profile: Applicant keen to acquire Canadian PR will submit an Expression of Interest (EOI) by creating an online profile. They will provide information about their experience, professional skills, language proficiency, qualification and other relevant personal details. Those who successfully meet the required criteria of any of the federal economic immigration programs will be placed in the Express Entry pool of applicants.

If any applicant does not have a prior valid job offer from a Canadian employer or a provincial nomination, he may register himself with the nation’s Job Bank and it will later connect him with Canadian employers. While making a online profile, it is important to provide accurate and true information as providing any false information may disqualify the applicant from re-entering the Express Entry pool for several years.

  1. Invitation to apply for Canadian PR: Both the Canadian and provincial government and employers may select the new immigrants, as per their specific needs from the Express Entry pool. The candidates who score the highest would have the best chances for economic success in the maple leaf country, and who have a valid job offer or valid provincial nominations, may be invited to apply for PR stats. Selected aspirants will receive an invitation to apply for Canadian PR. They will have 60 days to submit an electronic application for PR.

Express Entry 2015—Some Key Details

  • The Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) has reduced the processing time to just six months.
  • Once the process successfully gets completed, successful applicants, along with their close family members, will land in the nation as permanent residents.
  • Applicants–who do not receive an invitation to apply for PR–may again apply after 12 months only to fruitfully re-enter the Express Entry pool.
  • The program is quality based and the main emphasize is on developing a job bank to meet the particular demands of the labor market
  • The program does not follow a pre-designed list of occupations even as everyone is welcome to apply.
  • Express Entry is cap-free. Any number of applications, as long as the program is open, will be accepted.

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