Understand Canada Express Entry Process Step By Step

Canada Express Entry Process

Do you want to live in Canada? Are you looking forward to working in Canada? Has all this while your application has been rejected because of first-come-first-serve basis that Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) used to follow? If your answers to all this questions are in affirmative, there has been something to cheer about for you this January 2015.

This year has marked the beginning of a new era in the immigration history of the Maple Leaf Country. With the introduction of Express Entry system of immigration, this year will be brisk and full of optimism for all those who are looking forward to movement to the overseas hotspot.

So, if you are looking forward to Canada and you want Express Entry to streamline it, you must first understand the process. In this piece, you will get to know about Express Entry and the process that must be followed for getting through to the nation.

If you are applying for Canada for the first time and you are lucky enough that you have Express Entry to help you, you can get a grasp of the process that can make the movement work.

In this piece, you will get to know the Canada Express Entry Process step wise. Take a look at this piece and streamline everything in the best way!

Step 1

You will have to first apply for Express Entry to get the process and the immigration system working. Open the Express Entry website and fill all those blank spaces that seek skills, work experience, language ability, education and other details.

Step 2

In the second stage, all those applicants would be categorized and the highest ranking ones will enter the “Express Entry” pool. The pool will have the best applicants and from there the lottery would be conducted.

Step 3

In this step, all those candidates who have applied under the Express Entry system, and who have got their application shortlisted through lottery system, will enter the Canadian Job Bank. From it, your application will be picked and streamlined in the next process.

Step 4

Once your application gets selected from the Job Bank profile, you will be asked to move to the nation. After getting into it and resuming your job, you can apply for Permanent Residency (PR) within 60 days of the movement. In most cases, it takes just two-three months for getting the application for PR processed and accepted.

Canada Immigration Agent

The c might sound simple to you, but it is not that simple and it requires discreet approach to make it happen. If you are hiring an attorney for streamlining the process, you will have a better chance to make the immigration happen.

Good immigration agent can help you in the best way and if you are hiring them in the first place, you will never have to repent whatsoever. But while hiring any consultant always look for referrals and check their track record through testimonials for streamlining the movement in the best way.

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