Interested in Canada Express Entry Updates 2015?

Canada was dynamic towards revamping its immigration programme, and their proposal to introduce Express Entry was one such bold step that was anticipated to transform the immigration scenario. However, the program has not delivered up to its desired expectation. There have been a lot of issues pertaining to the Express Entry programme, so let’s provide the readers brief updates about Express Entry 2015.

As per the Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC), it is anticipated that those aspirants, who would make it to the Canadian soil this summer, would be processed wholly through the Express Entry Scheme. The CIC has also set a benchmark target of 2, 60,000 to 2, 85,000 movement under its unprecedented Express Entry Scheme. In order to achieve that target, they are working towards making the processing real fast. In the first line, as many as 6,850 prospective applicants have been considered, and out of them 2,300 have already been asked to apply for the programme.

There has also been anticipation that the immigration to Canada will be facilitated entirely through the Canada Express Entry Program in 2017. So, if you want to get updates on the Canada Express Entry 2015 Programme, then you can always visit the CIC website, and satiate yourself with all the latest happenings that have dominated the immigration landscape.

However, at this point of time, you can get yourself acquainted with everything that streamlines the movement through Express Entry programme. The Express Entry program qualifies an applicant for movement based on their skills. So, your educational qualification, experience, language proficiency and adaptability will be reckoned first every time when you are opting for movement.

Take a look at how the immigration will proceed under Express Entry system!

  1. If you are applying for Express Entry with respective skills that the Skilled Occupation List (SOL) seeks, you would get straightway rewards out of 500 points for such credentials.
  2. There are also specific provisions for skill transferability. So, if you have skills that can be transferred to some other jobs, you would get to grab another 100 points for streamlining the movement through Express Entry Programme.
  3. The other 600 points would be marked on some other parameters that are required for restructuring the movement.

As the government has turned eager towards inducting more and more skilled forces in the economy, they want to bridge the gap between skilled labor and demand. Hence, the threshold level of 6,250 movements every month will see a sudden spike, and the authorities will do everything to achieve 22,500 immigrants that would be roughly 10 times the numbers that are happening today to streamline the movement.

Hence, it would be a real tough job for the government to ascertain everything, and make sure that maximum movement is taking place under the Express Entry scheme. So, more the updates come on Express Entry, more will be the chance of getting through to the Maple Leaf Country.

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