Canada Express Entry Visa Process–Top 5 Mistakes You Can’t Risk Making

You have a chance to move to Canada and change your life by grabbing new opportunities. The Canada Express Entry Visa Process has allowed many to shift and start a new life. However, the mistakes during the processes can lead to unwanted delays and cancellation of the application in some cases. And this is why it becomes important to avoid making mistakes.

And, to do so, you need to know them first. This article provides you with an idea of the usual mistakes that you can’t afford make during the Canada Express Entry Visa process.

Canada Express Entry Visa Process
Canada Express Entry Visa Process
  1. Sending an incomplete form

There is a long list of instructions regarding form filling, which makes the process extremely complex. This complexity leads to incompleteness in the form, especially while signing or adding dates. These kinds of mistakes can lead to either form return or cancellation. Many applicants add wrong information in the wrong location which makes the form unacceptable for the concerned authorities. Wrong spelling of the name is another issue that makes the form incomplete, in terms of consistency.

  1. Wrong payment method

Different programmes for the visa have their own specific payment methods. Sometimes, the applicants choose the wrong payment method, which makes it unacceptable for the officials. The payment can be made through the internet banking, certified cheque, or other methods. Hence, it is important to first carefully find out the right payment system for your application form and then move forward. It is crucial that you pay your fee, and pay it in the right manner as well.

  1. Not providing documents, in the right format

The authorities require multiple documents depending upon the type of visa you applied for. And every document needs to be presented in a format that is provided by the authorities. But if it doesn’t happen, then, the Canada Express Entry Visa process gets delayed for a long time. To avoid such mistakes, it is advisable to prepare for the alternatives of the documents you are providing, and keep all the papers in the right format.

  1. Wrong picture size

The picture you attach to the form matters, in terms of size as well. This image is used in the various procedures after the acceptance of the form. Hence, the size needs to be according to the instructions given for the application type. The size information for the image should not be neglected, otherwise, your form will be returned back to you.

  1. Not using a registered mail service

If you don’t want your application form to get lost even before reaching the appropriate office, then, use a registered mail service. A courier service would be much better for the assurance of the safety of your application form.

So, that is a wrap on this topic. Now, you know all the mistakes that can become challenging for you. For more information, get in touch with the professionals dealing with Canada Express Entry Visa process.

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