Canada has the Highest Number of Multicultural Workplaces

According to a recent report, among the four major countries of the world — England, Canada, the US, and France – the ‘Land of Endless Opportunities’, Canada has the highest number of workplaces, with multicultural influences.  This study also has revealed that people working or learning in a diversified environment become more pretty receptive and more open to people from different cultural backgrounds.

In this survey, 73% Canadians, 70% Americans, 68% British and 67% French admitted that they have diverse workplaces or schools. Meanwhile, a concerned person was quoted as saying that that the workplaces where ethnic diversity is found are usually more liberal, regarding cultural differences.

It is well-known fact that Canada is a leading multicultural nation with remarkable diversity between its provinces. In Alberta, 81% of the surveyed people have classified their workplaces or schools as diverse.

Though the said report has revealed that the province of Quebec has the least number of diverse workplaces across the nation, pursuant to Montreal Gazette, the increasing diversity in the province has become the hallmark of 21st-century Quebec, even as this is primarily due to immigration. It has also mentioned that Quebec will thus shortly be dependent entirely on the overseas immigrants — to add to its population, and to also to suitably maintain its rather high level of productivity.

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