Canada Immigrant Investor Programme–A Passing Look

Canada Immigrant Investor Programme

Canada that shares the longest border with the US is often looked up with high hopes. The country is also targeted for its better standard of living and employment opportunities. With low corruption and crime rate, it has become one of the safest countries to migrate to. In Toronto and Vancouver, you will find migrants from all over the world, including Asia, thus making it a multicultural country where everyone will meet his family members. Let’s discuss about Canada Immigrant Investor Programme.

Canada Immigrant Investor Programme
Canada Immigrant Investor Programme

Out of many schemes, the Canada Immigrant Investor Programme is one of the most easy and approachable plans selected by the aspirants from across the globe. The liberal and flexible visa policies have made this pathway much easier for the candidates. An applicant, who possesses two years of managerial skills and funds for investment, must think about the Maple Leaf Country.

The bare minimum requirement of the scheme has further elevated the chances of immigration to the country. The plan is fully backed with the investment money. A person, who possesses a capital amount of 1600000 Canadian Dollars, is eligible. This amount could be the sum total of applicant and his spouse, jointly.

When a candidate shows interest in moving to the Maple Leaf Country, he can either invest half of this amount, i.e., 800000 Canadian Dollars or he may choose to make one time fees investment of 240000 Canadian Dollars. This fee allows him the freedom to move into the country. It also helps him get the Permanent Residency (PR) with the freedom of inviting his near and dear ones to the country.

The money that the investor-applicant invests or pays as fees is utilized to create jobs for the residents. The invested money is given to the different financial institutions in the nation so that the money comes into circulation, and the economy experiences a lift-up.

The programme is tailor-made to meet the particular requirements of the nation. Some part of the invested money is distributed into provinces and territories. Through this money, jobs are created for a period of 5 years. The money invested remains safe in the country. The amount is returned to the investor after 5 years, but with no interest on it.

Once his application is approved by the government, an applicant gets 30 days to fulfill the investment formalities. A letter containing all the necessary information on how to proceed is sent to him. It also carries all the necessary documents that he needs to attach to his application.

Complete Health Check-up

An interested applicant needs to go through complete medical check-up if his application of investment is approved by the Canadian Government. If during this investigation, it’s found that his health presents some threats to the residents of the country, then his entry is banned. A complete list of the approved doctors is provided to him from where he can get his health checkup done.

Character Certificate

Like health, character is another issue that may deny the entry to the country. The applicant needs to get his records checked by a police officer who will verify that he is a legal person of the nation he lives in.

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