Getting Quality Service from Licensed Canada Immigration Consultant Makes Sense

There is no dearth of people who (wrongly) believe that there’s no need whatsoever of getting immigration and visa advice & assistance for Canada or for that matter any other destination. They argue that when the related info is already widely available though websites and other similar sources, like consulates & embassies, why waste money on such services, which they add only further makes them confused and indecisive about what they may want or desire.

Though it’s a fact that the concerned websites and embassies DO proffer the needed info on the issue, it’s also a fact that seldom is the same explained thoroughly, or that the aspirants are treated on an individual basis. Frankly, the offered information is fit-for-all, and just a general guideline even as the application procedure to be followed, for a given visa category. At best, the offered facts just give an idea of the coming events, and how to file a petition before a given date.

But the decision to shift to an overseas destination, like Canada, could be BIG and life-changing. One needs customized guidance and help on the issue. An aspirant requires personalized help and guidance at every step—both before filing a petition and after doing the same. Given this, to say an applicant needs quality service from licensed Canada immigration consultants won’t be off the mark.

Those who are located in India can contact and get quality guidance and help from such consultants operating from the many key Indian cities and towns. Moving to Canada–one of the most targeted overseas destinations–requires methodical and meticulous planning even as expert guidance can significantly boost one’s chances of making the cut under one’s preferred visa category—that too inside a reasonable time, and minus any major hurdles and headache.


It’s a licensed and reputed visa and immigration consultancy with an admirable bank of satisfied clients. Although it offers quality services for almost all major world destinations–including Australia, the UK, Singapore, Hong Kong, New Zealand–it’s Canada, also called the Maple Country, which is its forte.

All those who wish to move to the Maple Country, via any of these or other visa categories—Work Visa Category, Family Visa Category, Investor Visa Category, Business Visa Category, etc.–would do well to get in touch with the licensed Canada immigration consultants working with Abhinav, prior to getting quality service from them.

While we are on the subject, it would be pertinent to mention that according to the incumbent Immigration Minister of Canada, Jason Kenney, more than 250,000 individuals received Canada permanent resident status during the year gone by, i.e., during 2012, even while the nation witnessed historic immigration from 2006 to 2012.

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