Canada Immigration Continues In spite of Temporary Pause on Accepting New Federal Skilled Applications

A recent report from a reliable source has revealed that there are more than 60 immigration programs available in Canada and majority of these programs are still accepting immigration applications and will continue to do so, irrespective of the temporary pause put by the Government of Canada on acceptance of new applications under its Federal Skilled Worker Scheme.

A large number of potential immigrants thus looking for new ways to migrate to Canada following the announcement, which stated that from July 1, 2012, the Government of Canada will stop accepting new applications under the Federal Skilled Worker program until January next year, i.e., 2013. Fortunately, for overseas aspirants, who wish to apply for Canada immigration, many other visa programs are kept open; with few have no obligations regarding the application numbers to be received for further processing. For instance: the Quebec Skilled Worker program, the Canadian and Quebec Experience Class programs and the various Provincial Nominee programs.

Moreover, people with arranged employment offers along with those submitting applications under the PhD category, can yet apply under the FSW scheme. On the whole, the temporary pause on accepting new FSW applications will not much affect the number of candidates applying for immigration to this land. The said report has also mentioned that previously only10, 000 applications were allowed to accept under the Federal Skilled Worker program every year, but Canada continues to accept over 150,000 new economic immigrants annually.

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