Some Canada Immigration FAQs with Their Answers

Canada Immigration FAQs

If you are one of the many Canada immigration motivated aspirants, and have some questions that need to be answered, you will do well to check this Canada Immigration FAQs. Here, you will find some important questions and also get an answer to these. Use the information to move to the popular destination in style–and more importantly–with no difficulties whatsoever even as you satiate your thirst for relevant information on Canada immigration and associated topics!

Canada Immigration FAQs
Canada Immigration FAQs

Q 1. I have the citizenship of India and am submitting an application for a Work Permit. Is submitting an application for a Visitor Visa also required?

Citizens of some specific nations in the world need a Temporary Resident Visa (TRV), or more usually called a Visitor Visa, with a view to gain admission to the Maple Leaf Country. When a citizen from a TRV-compulsory nation presents a petition for a Temporary Work Permit, from outside the territorial jurisdictions of the Maple Leaf Country, and the Work Permit is sanctioned, the TRV also spontaneously gets sanctioned. There is no requirement whatsoever to present a petition for the TRV independently.

Q 2. Do I require having legal IELTS results when I present a petition for Express Entry or can I present the expired results before presenting new results in the future?

There is a need of a legal language test prior to an applicant successfully finishes an Express Entry profile. At the time of making the Express Entry profile, it is required that you present all the relevant and needed statistics associated with the IELTS language test. Aspirants also require ensuring that they fulfill the bare minimum language threshold with a view to be qualified for the scheme.

It is also mandatory that the language test results are lawful (written through the previous two years) while a petition for Permanent Residence is presented. In case they expire, the candidates ought to retake the test and proffer the concerned Canadian immigration officials with lawful results, lest their application gets dismissed as half-finished.

Q 3. I hold Indian citizenship and am keen to offer sponsorship to my wife for Permanent Residency (PR) using the Spousal Sponsorship Scheme. However, I have been found guilty of a DUI. Am I still entitled to offer her sponsorship?

Yes, you can still provide your partner with sponsorship! No need to lose heart! Usually, the citizens and permanent residents in the nation may not be allowed to offer sponsorship to a partner or common-law partner in case they have been sentenced for a crime of a sexual nature, or have been imprisoned for a wrongdoing that involves the usage of violence. In case they have been sentenced for either a violent or sexual felony, they can still offer sponsorship to their partner or common-law partner, if 5 years or more has passed since they finished their punishment.

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