Canada Immigration for 2173 Software Engineers and Designers Hassle-free Affair

Against the backdrop of many Canadian provinces currently facing a severe shortage of Software Engineers and Designers at the present, these professionals are ‘officially’ wanted in the country even while the experts, keen in Canada immigration, can look forward to an easy and simple visa process.

The country has a strong national economy, the infrastructure is well developed, and professional opportunities are vast. Apart from this, the standard of living is high. The nation also has one of the best developed education and health sectors in the world. The Maple Leaf Country is just perfect for these professionals to kick start their professional carrier.

Software Engineers and Designers 2173 are responsible to conduct research, analyze, design, develop evaluate, integrate and maintain software applications, technical environments, operating systems, embedded software, information warehouses, and telecommunications software. Mainly they are employed in sectors, like Information Technology (IT) consulting firms, IT research and development firms–both in public and private sectors. They may be self-employed as well.
2173 Software Engineers and Designers: Key Responsibilities

  • Make an inventory of documents and develop logical and physical specifications.
  • Undertake research, evaluate, analyze and synthesize technical information to design, develop and test computer based systems.
  • Make an inventory of data, process, besides network models with a view to optimize architecture.
  • Evaluate the performance and reliability of designs.
  • Sketch, design and organize the development, setting up, integration and operation of computer-based systems.
  • Review, test, troubleshoot, document, upgrade and expand maintenance processes for operating systems, communications environments, not to mention applications software.
  • Organize teams of information systems professionals in the development of software and integrated information systems, process control software, and other embedded software control systems.

For all those Software engineers and Designers reading this article, if you dream of Canada immigration, the good news is that the occupation has been mentioned under the most awaited Federal Skilled Worker Program 2014. However, the number of applications accepted for the class is limited to only 1000. Since the profession is quite famous it is likely to be filled sooner than expected. To increase the possibility, submit your application at the earliest.

Some examples of given titles

  • artificial intelligence designer
  • computer applications engineer
  • computer software engineer
  • computer telecommunications software specialist
  • design engineer, software
  • designer, software
  • embedded software engineer
  • simulation software design engineer
  • software design engineer
  • software design supervisor
  • software design verification engineer
  • software designer
  • software engineer
  • software systems designer
  • supervisor, software design
  • systems applications engineer
  • systems architect
  • systems designer – software
  • systems engineer – software
  • systems integration engineer – software
  • technical architect – software
  • telecommunications software engineer
  • telecommunications software specialist
  • test engineer, software


A graduation degree in the field of Computer Science, Computer Systems Engineering, Software Engineering or Mathematics from a recognized university or institute is needed. For higher posts, professionals with a post graduate or a Doctoral Degree in a related discipline is given preference. To work as a Software Engineer and Designer, you are also required to obtain a license from a provincial or territorial association of professional engineers.

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