At a Glance Some Fresh Canada Immigration News April 2013 Updates

During the first fortnight of April 2013, the Citizenship & Immigration Canada (CIC) was behind some key developments even as the top two such happenings are given here under:

CIC Proffers New Canada Immigration Guide

The CIC came public with a fresh immigration manual for the new entrants arriving for residence and work purposes in the country. The immigrant manual is allegedly targeted at preparing the fresh guests to the nation in a better way, for the object of moving through the starting duration (normally the starting months) post movement to the country.

The same covers numerous features meant to proffer helpful counsel to the newcomers to the nation. Some important issues covered in the guide include legal & justice procedure, national labor market, national educational arrangement, & access to authorized language classes, among others.

Allegedly, offering details involving the new manual, the Canadian immigration minister observed that the goal is to ensure smoother transition of the fresh aliens into the national workplace, Canadian way of life & national economy.

Entrepreneur Start-Up Permit in April

Immigration Canada has forwarded an ambiguous message to the outsiders, keen to arrive & do business in the country, even while the message shines, via the introduction of the new Start-Up Permit. The message is: Ottawa is comfortable with the idea of the start-up capitalists/investors from across the globe for business. The best thing about the fresh permit scheme is that the same will apparently give the prized Canadian permanent residency to those who make the cut under the Start-Up Visa scheme.

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