Canada Immigration Regulations Inspire US Congresspersons

According to an edit–in the backdrop of the growing value put on immigration reorganization across the United States—some observers opine that the US members of parliament would do well to take the much needed inspiration from its immediate neighbor, Canada, on efficient, just immigration regulations.

According to the edit in question, the members of the top two American political organizations, the Democratic & the Republican parties—strongly differ on the several key features of immigration, even as this covers what immigrant manpower really mean to the country.

US Legislators regularly discuss the part that the overseas people must enact in the national economy. Even as a section of the US Republican legislators strongly believe that stringent immigration steps will invite tax & service equality, others recommend another course. The lawmakers of Canada, on the other hand, take immigrant employees as a crucial component of their economy.

Canada’s immigration minister has reportedly disclosed that–via dealing with the backlog to make way for a quicker, more flexible and on time immigration scheme–the fresh entrants to the nation will be in a position to completely take part in the national economy–that too comparatively more swiftly and efficiently.

Jason Kenney, the minister, added that immigration plays a decisive part the all round and long-term growth & affluence of the nation even as–via improving the Canadian economic immigration arrangement–it may be made certain that Ottawa remains highly competitive and a step ahead internationally.

Over the years, some members of the US administration have put forward several fresh immigration schemes. However, most of these still will not be in a position to put the recruiters/firms in a prime position to obtain quality skilled manpower from out-of-the-country. Amongst the strongest amendments the US can adapt from the immigration and visa arrangement of Canada would be to increase the upper limit put on the US Green Cards & the H1-B Permits.

It needs to be duly mentioned here that the existing US rule clearly says that not over than 7% of the job-based US Green Cards may be offered to the residents of a particular nation, in one calendar year. But, the Canadian immigration & visa system is divided into provincial-nominee schemes, which enable each of the 13 Canadian provinces to assign its own employee-based permanent residences, and put into practice its own immigration strategies, on the basis of its populace. The Canadian arrangement gives-up the temporary work-permit step of the US to proffer permanent residency status to qualified workers, along with the members of their families.

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