Canada Immigration Routes: A Fleeting Look

It’s rightly claimed that immigration is the in-thing–more so if it involves the ‘Land of Milk & Honey’, i.e., Canada. And why not! The Maple Leaf Country, as the nation is famous as, is a foreign destination par excellence.

Its all round prosperity and unmatched success dazzle all even as the migrants from across the globe wish to be a part of the amazing success story that the nation is, via shifting to it. Such enterprising and ambitious people make use of the various attractive and immigrant-friendly categories up for grabs from the coffers of the Citizenship & Immigration Canada (CIC) to shift to their dream destination.

Here below is covered some such visa paths/programs:

Canada Provincial Nominee Schemes: The many provinces of the nation have their own specific provincial nominee programs (PNPs) for making it possible for aliens to arrive, and reside/do a job in the country. Among such PNPs are skilled worker schemes, investor programs, & family immigration programs, etc.

Canada Skilled Worker Scheme: It makes it possible for the aliens with the needed skills to arrive, reside, and do a job in the nation. There are various kinds of eligibility conditions in terms of age, employment experience, language skills, education, profession, etc.

Canada Visiting Permits: These permits are basically meant for foreigners keen to arrive in the nation for a short time-frame. Such trips made by the aliens are just for a provisional duration. Further, the aspirant may also land on the Canadian territories on a visitor permit for the objects of business, tourism; participate in any professional development scheme, etc.

Canada Business Candidates: The Maple Leaf Country has many attractive immigration programs for the business aspirants even as the same comprise investor program, start-up entrepreneur scheme, besides self-employed scheme. The applicant requires catering to the needed eligibility conditions for successfully gaining such useful permits.

Canada Work Authorization: Submission of petition for Canada work authorization, even prior to the aspirant land in the nation, is possible if he possess an offer of job & convinces the concerned permit officer that he has genuine intentions of doing a job in the country, and that he is not seeking authorization only for gaining the prized Permanent Residency (PR) in the nation.

Canada Study Authorization: For this, one may file a petition for Canada study permission even prior to he lands in the nation. He ought to have an offer of admission in any recognized Canadian establishment even as he also has the green signal from the involved interviewing permit officer. The latter (interviewing permit officer) requires to be duly assured that the purpose of such a permit is to pursue study in the country, and not get a job and/or PR status therein.

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