Canada Immigration Update – FSW 2013 Is Running Out Of Places

If you have been vying for a place in the sun but have not yet started planning for this destination then we have a suggestion for you to make it fast and approach us for thorough support for placing your request under the revised Canadian federal skills immigrant scheme because as per recent Update FSW Is Running Out Of Places for the current year program i.e. 2013 – 2014.

This year has been a tremendous year both for Canadian authorities and the immigrants as while on one hand the Canadian government was able to locate a credible solution for addressing the issue of jumbled up skills migration program and actually kick start a brand new initiative that promises to be more sensitive and adaptive to the requirements of local domestic labor pool and on the other hand the immigrants in waiting were able to kick start their migration endeavor.

The newly instituted Canada Immigration FSW 2013 scheme promises to be leaner and meaner system and it promises a faster processing and even faster delivery of results. The system although is quick in response but it is tagged with an additional step of academic qualification evaluation under which all the applicants must get a positive assessment advice on their academic accomplishments from the designated assessment agency before placing their requests for migration.

As per the latest Canada Immigration Update On FSW 2013 over 2500 requests have already been registered with several trade codes achieving the annual number cap for the current year and these include 0211 – Engineering managers, 1112 Financial and investment analysts, 2174 Computer programmers and interactive media developers, 2147 Computer engineers (except software engineers/designers).

There are some of the FSW 2013 trade codes that seem to be fast approaching to attaining the annual number sealing and these include 2131 – Civil engineers (which has achieved almost 69 % of allotted numbers), 2132 – Mechanical engineers (92% of 300 places), 3142 –Physiotherapists (70% of gross allocations of 300).

Other occupations that have started a receiving applications in big chunks include 2263 -Inspectors in public and environmental health and occupational health and safety (40% of allocated places) and 3211 – Medical laboratory technologists (47% of total spaces available this year).

If you have been falling behind for some reasons then we would suggest that now you must speed up and make it fast because the indication as per Canada Immigration Update – FSW 2013 Is Running Out Of Places may well lead to closure of the federal skilled immigrant program, well before end of April 2014 as in current year program there is a cumulative allocation of 5000 places only.

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