Canada Immigration vs. Singapore Immigration

Immigration has become something of paramount importance these days, and there are innumerable individuals who are always looking for the best of the opportunities to help make their lives better.

Now, one would always face challenges when they have two equally promising opponents in-front of each other. On the one hand, you have Canada, whereas, on the other, you have Singapore. Canada immigration vs. Singapore immigration could be a tough challenge for the individuals, but with rationale, logic and analysis, it can easily be figured-out with flamboyance.

In this piece, one would be able to get comprehensive insights about the immigration which would help you get accustomed with all the nitty-gritty that one must keep in mind for immigration.

Top Reasons to Immigrate to Singapore

Central Provident Fund

The country has passed a uniform provident fund scheme. Under it, the individuals and the nationals of Singapore are entitled to provident fund which the employers have to create at their own end. It is extremely mandatory for the employer to open provident fund account, and no matter what might be the reason. Employers violating the code of conduct would be penalized with a huge penalty.

Housing Scheme

The real estate in the country has been made flexible and under the new rules and regulations, the immigrants who have got the PR of Singapore can buy property there. They are given additional leverages–like subsidized flats and other specific benefits–to help them cope up with situation. There are also other additional benefits provided in the form of long term loans to help meet up with the burgeoning expenses.

Edusave Scheme

The initiative helps the children in Singapore to have better educational standards. Under it, the immigrant’s children are given opportunity to have quality education at cost-effective prices. The scheme has been helping in strengthening the quality of education standards and enabling the individuals to have a better quality of life.

Now, this is just one part of the story, in the next, as a reader, you would be able to get insights on the reasons which have compelled the immigrants to think about Canada for immigration.

Why should you move to Canada?

Better Living Standards: There is always an urge among individuals to better their living standards, and in order to meet with this pursuit, they can go to any level and grasp any opportunity. The Maple Leaf Country offers superior living standards even as this has been the reason that immigrants are increasingly attuned to this country.

Ottawa works towards providing a better quality of life through good pay packages and highly optimized opportunities. So, one can always look forward to good pay packages and highly promising life in the country.

Better Financial Prospect: The financial prospect at Canada has been improving due to a stable government, and this has been driving the individuals to think about the country for stabilizing their growth and development. It is a key reason which has completely driven the individuals to look forward to Canada for immigration.

Political Stability: This and the dedication of the government towards the betterment of the lives have compelled the individuals to look forward to the Maple Leaf Country for a better way of life. The individuals have picked up the opportunity and they are looking for better living standards, so they have connected well with Canada.

Visas for Immigration

For Canada

Immigration to Canada will be facilitated under the Express Entry scheme. Under it, the individuals would get three specific categories to move to Canada.

  • Federal Skilled Workers Programme (FSWP)
  • Federal Skilled Trades Programme (FSTP)
  • Canadian Experience Class (CEC)

The individuals can also look forward to the Provincial Nomination Programme (PNP) which facilitates the entry through provincial nomination. To know more, you can always contact an immigration attorney for the purpose.

For Singapore

The EntrePass is the most promising visa which one can take for immigration to Singapore. The immigrants will have to make investment in government bonds or real estate as per their will, and they can easily move to the country without much hassle. Immigration is comparatively easier with EntrePass.

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