Canada to lure more IT Workers

The IT professionals have a genuine reason to celebrate as they can find a huge job opportunities in Canada, requires a large number of such professionals to support the fast-growing IT sectors and fulfill a huge requirements. The North American Country witnesses a major growth of 21 per cent in Information Technology (IT) sector, churned out approx. 8,000 new job vacancies, in the year of 2011.

The Information Technology Association of Canada, on the other hand, clearly emphasized on attracting a creamy layer (talented professionals) for filling such vacancies. It has suggested that Canada must target to overseas talents to keep continue such growth.

Through a report, it has recently revealed that for knowledge-based sector, it is quite important to access the rich and talented diverse pool that will not only help the sector to grow, also fills a huge imbalance in the labor market. The report also revealed that the said industry currently runs at full of employment and expected to generate approx. 106, 000 jobs in the coming years.

CIC (Citizenship and Immigration Canada), a government-run organization and concerned about dealing immigration issues, states that professionals are flexible to use several paths to work and stay in Canada.

Meanwhile, CIC has also suggested that such IT workers can also apply for a permanent resident status using one of the following paths.

CIC recommends that IT professional should apply for a permanent resident status under any one of several categories like Quebec Skilled Workers Program, Federal Skilled Worker Class, NAFTA Professionals and Temporary Work Permit, under specified conditions.

Here are detailed descriptions of several specified conditions for different categories.

Quebec Skilled Worker Program

a) Must be temporary resident in the province (Quebec)
b) Recently earned a diploma from Quebec based teaching institution
c) Possess qualification approved by the province
d) Must be fully proficient in French language

Federal Skilled Worker Class: Though it was suspended in the month of July this year, still the deserving candidates (those who managed to obtain a required score in Canadian points-based system) can apply, once it opens (in January 2013).

a) The applicants must obtain en employment offer from Canadian based employer
b) Must possess the required skills in any of the listed occupations on the CIC’s official site

NAFTA Professionals: US citizens are privileged under this, as they can easily get a Temporary visa, if they can get an employment offer from Canadian based company. However, it is pre-requisite for NAFTA citizens to have required experience in IT sector.

Temporary Work Permit: Those skilled workers, who possess a job invitation from Canada, are fully entitled to apply for a Temporary Work Permit.

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