Canada Makes Temporary Foreign Worker Program Rigid!

The Government of Canada has made announcement that it would implement rigid regulations. The motto behind this step is to enhance the working conditions of applicants who come to work in the country on temporary basis as well as the care-givers in the nation.

The Federal government has confirmed that the employers have been exploiting and mistreating people who come here. According to Chair Nigel Thomson from the Canadian Society of Immigration Consultants, the new stringent regulation would see to it that the temporary workers don’t face any hassles here and it would be made sure that employers play their rules.

In order to take care of this issue, the Federal government has implemented these rigid rules to take care of the employees who are live-in caregivers, plus the ones who work on temporary basis. The steps would save them from potential exploitation from their employers.

The rules came into implementation in April 2010. In accordance with these regulations, the employers would be required to give the contracts which have properly demonstrated wages, benefits and hours of duties, including the leaves which would be granted to these employees.

Also, starting from April 2011, new regulations will apply a stricter and accurate assessment to employments for these categories before the employers are granted the authority to hire. It will take care whether the employer who is hiring the workers are following the guidelines or not.

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