Canada Migration—Major Points to Remember

Migration is a process where people move from one country to another. Migration may be defined as a legal process where people legally move from one country to another, mainly in search of better livelihood opportunities.

Since the 1970s, Canada has attracted a large number of visitors and been famous as a multi cultural country, a land of immigrants, built by immigrants. Since decades, the country has been working very hard to provide housing, food and opportunities to all those dwell there, including the new entrants.

Canada migration has jumped to 250,000 new entrants every year mainly on permanent basis. It is an excellent country to live and work. Whether we talk about high Human Development Index (HDI), high standard of living, better job opportunities, well developed infrastructure, social security, the nation tops the chart.

A large number of people from every corner of the world wish to migrate to the country, to try their luck and bring their career to new heights, and give a peaceful environment to their family. Here, people are lively, warm and welcoming and treat migrants as one of them and not as an alien. This helps the latter feel at home away from home.

In today’s time when many of the countries are going through rough economic phase and their internal peace is a stake, the ‘Land of Opportunities’ remains completely unaffected and assures peace, safety and prosperity, not only to its citizens but to migrants as well.

Canada Migration–Key Points to Remember

Language Proficiency: The nation is bilingual. It has two official languages–English and French. It has a point based system. One needs to have a good command over one of the two languages. If you are fluent in French, then your chances to get selected are really high.

File Your Documents Neatly: The process requires lengthy documentation. Thus, before you initiate your visa application, file your documents neatly so that you do not have to rush at the last stage.

Skills & Experience: Be sure of your skills and that you stand a chance to qualify under the chosen visa category. To be a strong contender, you must possess skills and experience in an occupation that is in demand in the country.

Contact in the Country: If you have prior contact such as friends, relatives or family members already living in the country, it’s an added advantage. It reduces your stress and gives you positive energy. You get a helping hand in finding a job and accommodation.

If you wish to migrate to the Maple Leaf Country, then perhaps you have taken the right decision. It offers many ways through which you can settle here as a temporary or permanent resident, such as Express Entry, Provincial Nominee Programme (PNP), Quebec Skilled Worker Programme (QSWP), and Business Programme.

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