Canada most urgently requires entomologists…

Entomologists are scientists dedicated to the study of insects. Insects are conventionally believed to be pests but do you know; around 99.9% of the pests are beneficial to humans.

Entomologist study is vast and has multiple career options:

  • Research on Evolution and Biodiversity: With more than 1 million insects discovered, scientists are boggled over their adaptability in any ecosystem. Do you know; Cockroaches have been around even before humans!
  • Agricultural Entomology:  We go gaga over silks or exotic honey. These are insect products. More than 500 types of insects serve as food in some nations. Without insect pollination many plant species will cease to exist. Agricultural entomologists lay emphasis on standards and safety of these products
  • Environment Entomology: Studying insect populations to understand the environment. Do you know studying various moths, scientists analyzed pollution in the environment during industrial revolution
  • Forensic Entomology: Insect related evidence is collected to solve crimes. Studying maggots or other insects present in the dead body are studied to determine the time when the crime occurred.

Aim an entomologist, is Canada for me?

As an entomologist in Canada, your chances to get absorbed are absolutely massive. Entomologists can work for the

  • Government
  • Pest management and Control
  • Education
  • Research
  • Business/industrial settings
  • Agriculture
  • Forensics

Qualification criteria for an entomologist

Ideally, you must be an undergraduate in entomology or related subjects raising the stakes masters or doctorate in entomology will get you better positions in research or as a lecturer in some of Canada’s prestigious universities.

The pay scale in Canada for entomologist

An entomologist on an average is paid CDN$ 36 per hour, however based on your qualifications, intellect and caliber you can get paid at least CDN$150 per hour.

Entomology may be a creepy science for some, but this field offers a chance to explore creatures, whose number we have to admit is much more than us!

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