Canada Needs More Immigrants

The Canadian government would soon increase its annual intake of immigrants by a hundred thousand. This was announced by the Chief Economist for the Conference Board of Canada. This has been done to cater to increased output while aiding to the payments of pensions. As of now, the current intake of immigrants on a yearly basis is two hundred and fifty thousand.

This higher intake is a must to cater to the large numbers of workforce that is about to retire in the coming few years. More immigrants would help in balancing the Canadian Pension Program. This would aid in recovering from the pension funds which would need to be paid to the retired personnel.

Additionally, the work force in Canada is speculated to be growing at a much receding pace as the users for the pension plans are higher in number. However, there are only contributing to the pensions.

The slow growth of the Canadian population with smaller families and an increased number of the aging people, immigration seems to be the most plausible alternative to cater to the economy of Canada. More so, the dire need for a young workforce could only be satisfied by getting in qualified immigrants into the nation.

On the other hand, there are certain countries in Europe as well as Japan which have the raised their current age for retirement. However, one cannot expect the older generation to continue working beyond their capacity.

Above all, this is definitely good news for those planning to immigrate to Canada. It is one of the developed nations in the world. And thus, an immigrant can expect better opportunities as well as higher standards of living.

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