Canada NOC Code List 2021- How to Find the correct NOC code applicable to your Canada PR visa application?

Canada NOC Code List 2021 How to Find the correct NOC code applicable to your Canada PR visa application?

The National Occupational Classification (NOC) system classifies jobs and occupations in the Canadian labor market. It’s a database of various occupations currently in demand in Canada and managed by the Canadian government. All jobs are assigned a four-digit code and a job description to help applicants understand the duties and responsibilities associated with an occupation in Canada.

The NOC assigns a code, known as a NOC code, to every occupation in the Canadian job market. Most of Canada’s economic immigration programs use the NOC code to assess an applicant’s work experience, job duties, and other employment requirements. Therefore, whenever a candidate is asked to demonstrate his/her work experience, they should use the NOC code that best suits their claimed experience. Therefore, all PR visa applicants need to know about the use of NOC codes and how to find the right one. 

This article will help you learn about everything related to NOC codes, as they relate to your Canada PR visa application.

Understanding the National Occupation Classification and how it Works?

The Canadian government develops the Canada NOC System to categorize each occupation a person could have in Canada.

Apart from the above, the NOC code system also provides information related to various occupations, including job titles, job descriptions, roles and responsibilities, lead statements, training requirements, and more. Many recruitment agencies in Canada use the NOC codes. These codes also help understand the labor market conditions, research, and analysis of every occupation, workforce demand in a specific domain, etc.

The NOC code system is categorized based on the following:

  • Job duties
  • Work performed by the applicant vis-à-vis prescribed job duties

All immigration pathways in Canada use the NOC code to determine if a person’s work experience meets the eligibility requirements. The government considers “skilled” jobs for those with NOC Skill Type 0, A, or B. The Skill Type is identified by the first digit of the NOC code, and the second digit identifies the Skill Level.

One must choose a NOC code carefully. If you claim a NOC code that doesn’t align with your work experience, your application may be refused or even returned to you. Therefore, make sure you choose the NOC code you have documents to prove.

To make a successful Canada PR visa application, make sure that your work experience has to match with the lead statement instead of the job title. Also, you must prove that you have performed the majority of the job duties listed on a specific NOC.

Express Entry- If you are immigrating to Canada via the Express Entry system, your chosen NOC code must be grouped in skill types 0, A, or B.

Atlantic Immigration Pilot- for applications under the Atlantic immigration pilot program, the NOC code must fall under the skill type/level 0, A, B, or C.

If your job falls under the skill level C or D, then:

  • You may be able to immigrate to Canada as a provincial nominee
  • You can come to Canada via the Atlantic Immigration Pilot route
  • You may be eligible to work in Canada for up to two years.

NOC Skill Types 

The NOC matrix identifies ten types of skills:

0 – Management occupations

1 – Business, finance, and administration occupations

2 – Natural and applied sciences and related occupations

3 – Health occupations

4 – Occupations in education, law and social, community, and government services

5 – Occupations in art, culture, recreation, and sport

6 – Sales and service occupations

7 – Trades, transport, and equipment operators and related occupations

8 – Natural resources, agriculture, and related production occupations

9 – Occupations in manufacturing and utilities the first digit of most NOC codes identifies the Skill Type of the occupation.

The NOC system also divides occupations into five broad Skill Levels:

NOC Skill level 0:

  • Skilled work
  • Management positions across all industries and sectors
  • Examples: Restaurant managers, Engineering Managers, Chief Executive Officers

NOC Skill Level A:

  • Skilled work.
  • All professional occupations requiring a university degree.
  • Examples: Dentists, Teachers, and Lawyers.

NOC Skill Level B:

  • Skilled work.
  • Technical occupations requiring a college diploma or technical training.
  • Examples: Chefs, Plumbers, and Electricians.

NOC Skill Level C: 

  • Intermediate-skilled work (not eligible for skilled worker immigration).
  • Intermediate jobs usually require high-school education and on-the-job training.
  • Examples: Butchers, Restaurant servers, and Truck drivers

NOC Skill Level D:

  • Low-skilled workers
  • Labour occupations, providing on-the-job training.
  • Examples: Fruit pickers, cleaning staff

How to find the right NOC code?

Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) have created an online tool to quickly help applicants find the correct NOC code. The tool lets you search the NOC code by typing the keywords related to your job title and principal duties. When picking up the NOC code, make sure your duties match the roles and responsibilities mentioned for a specific NOC.

For candidates applying for a Canada PR visa through economic immigration programs, they must submit reference letters from their current and previous employers. IRCC will review these letters to ensure that the job duties match the NOC code you have selected. Officers will also consider your job title, related education, and salary to check if your NOC code selection is valid.

If you face difficulties choosing the correct NOC code for your Canada permanent residence application, you can talk to us. You can connect with us on 8595338595 or drop an email at [email protected].

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