Canada Permanent Resident Card–Figure Out What Immigration Options You Have!

The availability of the point based system has made the Canada immigration process pretty convenient for the applicants. Skilled and talented professionals from all over the world are moving to the hotspot for better and more rewarding career opportunities. And, with the Canada Permanent Resident Card they can live and work comfortably anywhere in the country.

Why Canada?

Apart from the smooth process of gaining the prized Canada Permanent Resident Card, there are various other reasons to choose the overseas hotspot for the much sought after PR status. The country has a huge market for every industry that requires skilled professionals. And the nation’s slow population growth presents positive situations for the immigrants. All these scenarios enhance the chance of conveniently obtaining residency in the nation.

Canada Permanent Resident Card,
Canada Permanent Resident Card

Canada PR–what are the most effective programmes?

Ottawa and the Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) offer multiple visa programmes for the interested applicants to get permanent residency in the nation. These plans have been designed and modified again and again to reduce the struggle and improve the chances for the right candidates.

Among all the programmes, the following are the most effective ones for PR.

  1. Express Entry System

This point based immigration system is considered one of the most effective plans for the candidates. Points are associated with the various skills and qualities of the applicants and this is why the selection of the right candidates becomes much easier. This is probably the reason why more and more candidates are now applying through Express Entry.

  1. Quebec Skilled Worker Programme (QSWP)

It is a plan offered by the Quebec province, which helps in gaining the right to work and a Quebec Selection Certificate. This certificate leads to gaining eligibility of the permanent residency in the nation through the IRCC.

  1. Provincial Nominee Programme (PNP)

The PNPs can be a good choice. The plans are connected to the Express Entry Pool, which allows the PNP candidates to gain Permanent Residency in the nation. There are two major paths through which PNP candidates can gain PR in Canada.

  • By applying through the International Skilled Worker category provided in the Express Entry system. This allows the applicant to gain extra points which further improves the chances of getting Permanent Residency.
  • Through the occupation in demand, the subcategory becomes helpful in achieving a provincial nominee certificate. This certificate allows the candidate to present a petition for PR to the concerned immigration authorities.

The mentioned three are the most effective ways to attain the desired results. However, it is important to pick the right programme that aligns with your requirements. A professional can definitely help and assist in selecting and applying, for the right immigration scheme.

The Canadian government is offering every chance for you to live and work in the country. Now, it is your turn to make the right decisions, at the right time. Lay your hands on the Canada Permanent Resident Card utilizing any of the plans that suits you!

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