How Canada Permanent Resident Standing Benefits?

Canada Permanent Resident, a smart way to get noticed and given all the benefits in the Maple Leaf Country, has been slowly and steadily changing the face of the immigration. For the immigrants, the Canada Permanent Resident Visa can fulfill their dream of making this hotspot their native land.

But, at the time of applying for the Permanent Residency (PR), it is mandatory to fulfill a few of the requirements. In this article, a brief introduction, accompanied by benefits of the PR and the ways to get the PR Visa would be discussed. Hope you have a wonderful year ahead of you and your dream of making it to the overseas hotspot materializes this fall.

Canada Permanent Resident Visa
Canada Permanent Resident Visa

What is Canada Permanent Resident Visa?

As per the guidelines envisaged by the Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC), any individual who is moving to the destination on a Skilled Visa can present a petition to live permanently there in. In order to successfully submit an application for the PR Visa, the aspiring immigrant must have lived in the nation for a period of two years before the date of the application. At the same time, s/he should be of economic and social interest for the country. On account of any criminal misconduct, the applicant can lose the PR status.

Residents can also give up or surrender the PR status as per their will.

How Canada Permanent Resident Status Can Benefit Immigrants?

Entitlement as other Canadian Citizens

In order to promote the model of a welfare state, Ottawa gives numerous benefits to its citizens. Upon getting the Canada PR Visa, as an immigrant, you can be entitled to get the same benefit as a Canadian citizen. If your employer, or neighbors, or anyone violates your rights, you can take strict action against the person or enterprise.

Capability of Sponsorship

Upon getting the PR status, you would be given the right to offer sponsorship to your dear and near ones related by blood. Take note of the fact that only bloodline or relative by blood can be sponsored for the hotspot, once you have got the prized and the much sought after PR status.

Friendly Tax Laws

Canada’s neighbor, the USA, follows a different tax model, which has been often leveled as draconian, but Canada’s tax laws have been known to be beneficial. Here, residency defines the taxation policy. Against this backdrop, in case you have been living outside of the nation for a period of six months, you need not have to pay any taxes to the Canadian Government. Now that’s something very inspiring, right?

Competency Training

It is also provided for the new entrants in Canada. In the competency training, those who are given the PR status, can attend vocational and language training and that too absolutely free of cost, without paying a single penny.

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