Canada PM reveals new & improved priorities for Immigration

Canada PM reveals new & improved priorities for Immigration

On 16th December 2021, in a 13-points mandate letter addressed to the Immigration Minister of Canada, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has charted out the priorities to upgrade the Immigration system for Canada PR Visa. Most of the improvements mentioned in the letter have been on the agenda of the Canadian Government. The related announcement was delayed due to the COVID-19 pandemic. This mandate letter is a crucial document which in essence, guides the immigration system of Canada.

Here are some of the key highlights of the letter –

  • The focus is to invite immigrants to Canada as intended in the 2021-23 Immigration Levels Plan for economic growth and recovery.
  • The letter states that the processing time of the visa application must be reduced, which also addresses the delay caused by the pandemic.
  • Waiving the Citizenship application process fee for the permanent residents of Canada who are eligible to apply for it.
  • Introduction of new permanent residency pathways through Express Entry for the international students and temporary foreign workers. The Minister of Agriculture and Agri-Food will extend support in creating a path for temporary agricultural foreign workers.
  • New Immigration Stream for human rights defenders to be introduced to resettle people under threat.
  • Family Reunification is one of the key agendas of the letter. The aim is to bring in the facility of electronic application and implement a program where the spouses and children can be issued temporary resident status until their permanent residency application is processed.
  • Regularizing the status of undocumented workers contributing to the Canadian Communities.
  • A Trusted Employer System shall be established for Canadian companies hiring temporary foreign workers.
  • Global Talent Stream is also given due attention by pinpointing the need to simplify permit renewals, upholding the processing period of two weeks, and establishing an employer hotline.
  • Targeting even distribution of immigration benefits by expanding Rural and Northern Immigration Pilot Program and introducing Municipal Nominee Program to support small and medium-sized communities.
  • Continued efforts to support Francophone Immigration throughout Canada, especially in Quebec.
  • There are plans to settle Afghan Refugees and invite 2,000 skilled refugees to meet the labor demands in crucial sectors like healthcare.

Such an ambitious strategy to enhance the immigration system is a positive indication for prospective applicants to migrate to Canada. Several new avenues shall await you to relocate in the coming years. Hence, be prepared in advance to grab the best opportunities available to become a permanent resident Canada.

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