Canada PNP — the Best & the Fastest PR Immigration Option

It’s a mistaken but widespread belief that the Canadian Express Entry Programme is the fastest visa and immigration application system for the much sought after Permanent Residency (PR) in the nation offered by the Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) as the status is enjoyed by the Provincial Nominee Programme (PNP).

Yes, it is true though many not be really aware of this! In the hype and hysteria generated around Express Entry, the effectiveness and swiftness of the PNPs seem to have been somewhat overlooked.

Whatever could be the case but if you manage to get the provincial nomination from any Canadian province or territory, or apply directly to the province/territory of your choice, before you know you will find yourself in the Maple Leaf Country with the prized PR rights.

Canadian Provincial nomination is a vital fast-track option for PR in the overseas hotspot. The PNPs run under the indirect supervision of the federal IRCC, but the direct supervision of the different Canadian provinces and territories of the nations, offers the prized nomination for PR to those people, who want to move to the place and who are keen in settling in a specific territory or province.

Every specific province in the nation (barring Quebec, which runs a completely different selection structure) and two territories run and manage their own unique PNPs. The involved provinces and territories ink agreements with the IRCC that enable them to choose those immigrants who fulfill the particular requirements that they have laid down.

Participating Provinces & Territories

As mentioned before, not every provinces and territories take part in the PNP. These are the Canadian provinces and territories that participate, namely, Alberta, British Columbia, Manitoba, New Brunswick, Newfoundland and Labrador, Northwest Territories, Nova Scotia, Ontario, Prince Edward Island, Saskatchewan, and Yukon.

PNP Key Requirements

Barring some common requirements each and every Canadian province and territory has a different set of requirements.

Rudimentary credentials regarded for nomination

Language skills, job experience, skill set, capability to acclimatize…these are some of the key credentials that every province and territory looks forward to from an aspirant.

Candidate’s Family Relations

In case the aspirant’s family is located in any of the province and territory then it will be of a BIG help. It will show his intent of living in the particular province or territory on a permanent basis even as his skills will make handy contributions to the concerned economy of the province/territory. Links to illustrate could be family ties, preceding work done in the specific region, and the figure of trips made to the area.

Application Process

Prior to submitting a petition for nomination, check all the details and requirements for all the provinces/territories listed. As shared earlier, besides some common requirements, every region, participating in the PNPs, comes with completely different set of terms & conditions. Check these and figure which province/territory suits you the best.

The file of an aspirant is assessed on the worker requirement in the province or territory, his aims of residing in the province/territory.

Apply for Permanent Residency

Post receiving nomination from a province or territory, the next step is to submit an application for the nation’s prized PR to revel in the complete benefits offered by the nation. It may be performed according to the customary process, via the IRCC interface.

The process from now onwards works as per the nation’s federal immigration rules & regulations. The aspirant will obtain his invitation for PR online in case he has applied via Express Entry System. In the meantime, the aspirant would be asked to get the mandatory medical examination and police verification done.

Process for Obtaining an Express Entry PNP Nomination

Two efficient methods of applying for a Canada Express Entry PNP nomination exist. The first method is for a prospective immigrant to contact a PNP directly and apply for a nomination under the province’s Express Entry stream. In case he emerges successful in getting a nomination from Canada PNP, they he may make an Express Entry profile and receive the nomination electronically.

The second technique is to start via making an Express Entry profile that exhibits the different Canadian provinces and territories the possible immigrant would prefer to reside and do a job in. In case you get a notification of interest from one of these provinces, you can afterwards submit an application under their Express Entry category, and in case you make the cut, you may afterwards receive the nomination. The process time in this is comparatively shorter given the fact that there is no need whatsoever of the filling of nomination.

PNP with Express Entry Programme

If a candidate gets picked-up for the nomination via Express Entry, it’s termed an Enhanced nomination. Aspirants are at their liberty to apply in both ways to obtain the accruing benefits that greet those who apply first for nomination and then for Express Entry or vice versa.

Gains of PNP Nomination via PNP

When a person gets picked-up by the PNP, via Express Entry Programme, then 600 points are automatically added to his application boosting his skill score. Apart from this, the addition of points results in an invitation for PR in the country.

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