Canada popular choice for Indian immigrants

Ever thought of Immigration to Canada? If no, then it is the right time to choose your destination for your future. According to the recent survey conducted by the US News, for the fourth consecutive year Canada has been ranked 1st for providing a good quality of life to its people. If it’s not enough to convince you, the same Survey placed the Country at No. 1 for both being politically stable and having a well-developed public education system, and No. 2 for having a good job market with plenty of opportunities.

Here are some of the factors which made Canada a popular choice for Indian immigrants for Canada PR Visa:

Canada popular choice for Indian immigrants
  • The main reason behind Canada becoming best in terms of quality of life, is due to the fact that Canada has the most supporting social security benefits program for its people. The country’s subsidized educational and health facilities are considered among the best in the world.
  • Another strong reason is that Canada boasts easy and smooth immigration programs against a Point Based System known as the Express Entry Program. These programs have continuously attracted thousands of immigrants over the last few decades to fill the gaps of employment and economic progress of the country.
  • Everybody has always dreamed of going to US, given the fact that Canada is the brother next door to the USA makes it easy to travel across borders hassle free. As a matter of fact, the NAFTA treaty and visa regulations give provision for the Canadian citizens to make USA as their permanent home.
  • Canadian Citizen has the Visa-free access to 114 Countries, Visa on Arrival access on 49 countries and Visa required for 35 countries. This has become the main reasons for the businessmen, high net worth individuals and investors wanting to migrate to Canada.
  • Canada is often regarded as the best multicultural country of the world as 1 out of 5 Canadian Residents are Immigrants. Canada PR Visa permit the residents to live and work anywhere in Canada along with the right to religion, culture, language choice and freedom of expression.
  • It is one of the most affordable places in the world in terms of homes, utilities, education, healthcare, great weather and safety, multiculturalism, and of course, promising opportunities.
  • Canada is blessed with immense wealth of natural resources and minerals, including water and oil which promises moral and security safeguard for the residents and generations to come.
  • Canada is applauded for its clean environment which makes the least polluted in the world coupled with the corruption free environment.

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