Canada PR Requirements Differ under Different Categories

Canadian Permanent Residency (PR) is given to those applicants who are not the native citizens of the country but have been given permission to live and work indefinitely there in. They may pursue higher studies as well. To retain their status, a permanent resident should live in the country for at least two years in five years, lest they lose their status.

It has been reported that ever year approximately 200,000 applicants are granted the PR status. To acquire the same, the aspirants have to go through a lengthy process before they get to enjoy a new life in the country indefinitely. Once the PR is granted, the applicant gets a Permanent Resident Card. It’s officially known as ‘landed immigrant form’, and then they get to enjoy rights and benefits almost similar to its citizens.

The process of acquiring the PR is pretty complex, under each category the process and Canada PR requirements changes constantly because of the country’s changing foreign policy and economic needs. Interested applicants may apply for PR under any one of the following six categories:

  1. Express Entry: The applicant must be competent and is selected on the basis of online profile. Candidates have to answer some simple question on the basis of their skills, language, experience and education and a letter of interest has to be submitted stating why they wish to live and work in the country.
  2. Family Class: It is a way to unite families. The sponsor must prove that he is financially capable of supporting their family members and dependents. They must be of 18 years or above, must not be charged with a serious criminal offence or under the threat of losing his PR.
  3. Provincial Nominee Programmes: Under the category in demand professionals are sponsored by the provinces provided the applicant agrees to live and work in certain province and work towards its economic growth. They must possess language proficiency, must have an experience of at least one year in the related field, and must be economically sound and hold a good character certificate.
  4. Canadian Experience Class: To qualify, foreign workers as well as foreign graduates must agree to live in the country permanently outside Quebec, must have work experience in the relevant field for at least one year, and must meet language threshold.
  5. Business Immigration: There are three main categories self employed, investors and entrepreneurs.

Now let’s take a look at the requirements under each category!

Self employed – Must have the intention to either to establish or purchase a business in the country with the aim of bringing significant economic change or have the intent to purchase a farm with experience in the same field with the capability of managing it.

Investors- Must have a net worth of at least 1,600,000 dollars acquired through legal means and must agree to make an investment of at least  800,000 dollars for five years at zero interest rate.

Entrepreneurs: Entrepreneurs are encouraged mostly as they create new job opportunities and contribute towards the nation’s economy the most. On temporary basis applications under the category are not entertained. Any more instead applicants may apply for the startup programme.

Canada PR requirements under the each category vary. For in-depth information and clear assistance, applicant may consult a Canada Immigration Consultant.

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