Canada Recorded 34 Million Population!

Canada has currently joined the league of popular immigration destinations around the world where immigration is accountable for population growth. The Statistics Canada revealed that the country current population is over thirty-four million. As per the figures stated by the agency, until April 1, the country recorded a population of 34,019,000.

Canada’s big population is a contribution of migrants from across the world. Reportedly, the official figure recorded in April was up 88,000 from the figure recorded in early this year. Big population, mostly contributed by immigration has been a concern for many countries like the Australia and the United Kingdom. But, it seems Canada is not that concern about the issue of growing population, instead the country is concerned about its aging population.

The Canadian government has recently implemented measures to attract more and more overseas skilled migrants to the country. Because, the country strongly believes that immigrants make an integral part of the country who contribute to the country’s society and economy.

Almost every province in the country saw population increase in 2010’s first quarter. Out of the all, provinces in the west have experienced higher population growth. One of the provinces is Saskatchewan, which recorded the largest quarterly population growth since the year 1972. Exception is Nova Scotia where there was no record of people immigrating during the quarter. Moreover, there was no population increase in the province, which is the result of more deaths and fewer births.

The increasing number of inhabitants in Canada surely indicates that the country’s policy to encourage more and more people to immigrate and work is working so far, especially in its Western provinces!

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