Canada Registers Fastest Population Increase, Crosses 37 Million Mark

Migrants love Canada and this is very well known. The cold climate of the nation does not allow rapid increase in population of the country, and no wonder, most of the nation’s own local people are, by and large, aged and not anymore from the productive age bracket, in terms of labor output.

But thanks mainly to the comparatively younger migrants, not only the nation is doing fine economically now and numerous key Canadian industries are shining on the world stage, but the stock of the place is also growing day-by-day as the nation which is an economic giant and one place that’s the hub of skilled global migrants.

As mentioned before, a BIG credit for this positive turnaround in the nation’s fortunes goes to the skilled younger people who have been pouring in from across the globe, in large numbers. These migrants are not only improving the economy of the nation but also boosting its population with the passage of time and making it healthier day-by-day.

Yes, now the population of the country is ballooning in a very healthy way! Its population, reportedly, broke the 37 million mark in the initial four months of this year, heading north by a million individuals, courtesy mainly immigration, claims a report from Statistics Canada the nation’s statistical bureau. Latest initial estimates from the organization put the country’s population at 37,067,011 on April 1, this year.

Significantly, it only took two years and two months for the nation’s population to jump to 37 million people from 36 million people, which the organization reportedly claims, is the fastest jump of this size ever seen or recorded in the history of the Maple Leaf Country. As per the said bureau, immigration is the primary source of the nation’s population increase.

The starting four months of 2018 January, February, March, and April reportedly witnessed Ottawa establish a new global migratory increase feat for that time frame, with a jump of 88,120 people. It is duly computed by adding immigrants, returning emigrants and the net non-permanent residents, then subtracting emigrants and net provisional emigration.

In the context of immigration, the overseas hotspot admitted 79,951 newcomers through the initial 4 months of 2018, vis-à-vis 72,795 the preceding year, 2017.

The figure of the non-permanent residents was 22,283, and this is over 200% the figure seen in the initial quarter of the year gone by. As per Statistics Canada, behind the increase was a jump in the number of the Work Permit holders and refugee claimants in the hotspot.

Canada Registers Fastest Population Increase

Natural Population Swell Reaches Significant Low

Significantly, Ottawa registered a natural population jump (births minus deaths) of 15,037 individuals in the early four months of the present year. According to Statistics Canada, it was a historic low as per the preliminary statistics, chiefly because the nation has never been a witness to such a large number of deaths in one quarter.

As per the information that we have on the subject, every province and territory of the nation barring Newfoundland and Labrador registered a population swell in the opening four months of the present year.

While Ontario, Alberta and Nunavut exceeded the nation’s population increase rate of 0.3%, Nunavut, reportedly, registered a growth rate of 0.7%, and Ontario and Alberta each witnessed a growth rate of 0.4%.

Meanwhile, a new report from the Conference Board of Canada, reportedly, states that by 2030the nation’s rate of immigration will require jumping to 1% of the people, with a view to duplicate its population growth rate of recent decades, and guarantee modest manpower and economic development and expansion.

Reportedly, during November 2017, the nation’s federal administration declared a new multi-year immigration levels plan that will see admissions ramp up to 340,000 through every immigration plan by 2020 — an immigration rate of 0.9%.

Significantly, the nation’s admissions goal for this year is fixed at 310,000, or a rate of 0.84%.

So, at a time when the rest of the developed global economies spearheaded by the US and the UK are busy stifling immigration, Canada is encouraging it and boosting its population in the process and gaining from their contributions as well. If only the likes of the US and the UK had learn some valuable lessons and not viewed migrants as a threat and burden, the world would certainly have been a better place to live in.

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